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What to do after 4g gps tracker for car real-time escort offline alarm

Free parking to pick up and drop off passengers, unknown vehicle overloading, etc. These are some problems in the passenger transport industry. Regular and reliable passenger vehicles will be less overloaded and overrun, free to pick up and drop off passengers, but vehicle management will still exist. Problems, irregular and reliable passenger cars, overloading and exceeding the limit, speeding, unloading passengers at random, the phenomenon is more serious, and the safety risk is high. If there is a traffic accident, it is impossible to know the relevant information of the passengers.

In order to better deal with the corresponding problems in the passenger transport industry, the relevant departments in some regions will compulsorily require the installation of 4g gps tracker for car on passenger cars, and build a passenger car GPS management system, so as to manage and operate passenger cars in a unified manner.

Install 4g gps tracker for car, you can know the specific location of the passenger car in real time, operate the passenger car better, improve the operation rate of the vehicle, you can set the speeding alarm, if the speed of the passenger car exceeds the set range, it will be sent Alerts are notified to managers for immediate response.

In addition, you can also customize the electronic fence to allow the passenger car to run in a specific area. If it exceeds the range, the corresponding personnel will be reminded. At the same time, the running track of the vehicle can also be recorded and saved, and it can be retrieved in time when necessary. , which is used to query the operating status of the vehicle for a certain period of time. These functions can better ensure the driving safety and strengthen the management of the vehicle by the management department.

The problem that the locator is offline is more common. If you encounter a user who does not know much about the locator, you may feel anxious. The offline of the machine means that the normal work is interrupted, which will affect the normal use. Of course, you want to use the fastest How to solve this kind of situation?

4g gps tracker for car If the 4g gps tracker for car is located in the signal blind area, such as the car is in the underground garage, tunnel, remote suburbs and other areas with weak signal, the machine equipment will not receive the signal and will trigger the offline alarm, if the offline alarm notification is received , first judge whether the offline is caused by a signal problem.

If the 4g gps tracker for car is in a specific working environment, the SIM card body will be damaged or deformed, such as some construction machinery working in a high temperature environment. It is easy to be deformed and damaged, which will cause the card to not work properly, and the machine equipment will be offline.

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