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Why so many people choose Eelink GPS tracker

The impression of Eelink GPS locator to enterprises and individuals is that the machine is stable, high positioning accuracy, and easy to use. Many domestic and foreign fleet management, corporate vehicles, leasing industry, 4S vehicles, drone industry, nursing homes, etc. have chosen EelinkGPS locators for cooperation.

Because the Eelink GPS locator adopts German technology, the system is stable, the after-sales service is fast and convenient, and the repair rate is less than three thousandths, which is why many companies choose it. Eelink belongs to a brand of Shenzhen Yilian Communication Technology Co., Ltd., founded in August 2004. The company’s tenet has always been technological innovation. After 10 years of accumulation, the company has gathered a group of experienced experts and senior engineers in IoT platforms, APP clients, and GPS positioning terminal products. At present, the company has a collection of software, hardware, The professional technical team integrated with industrial design and more than 50 development team members ensure the technological advancement of Yilian products. The company's product production management is strictly standardized and has a complete production management system to ensure the quality of Yilian products.

Shenzhen Yilian Communication Technology Co., Ltd. wholeheartedly provides customers with: GPRS+GPS locator, WCDMA+GPS locator, GPRS+ Beidou locator, WCDMA+ Beidou locator, plug-and-play OBD car locator, plug-and-play OBD vehicle detection locator, intelligent terminal equipment for real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity; the product is mainly used for positioning and tracking of vehicles, individuals, pets and objects; effective remote management of vehicles, personnel, goods and careful monitoring of the elderly and children. Professional customized design can be made according to the different needs of customers, and at the same time, it can provide customers with: positioning and tracking Internet of Things platform access services; smart phone APP clients and other products.

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