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The important role of GPS locator in the intelligentization of construction machinery

With the rapid development of information technology, all walks of life in social production quickly set off the process of "informatization". Data transmission and information control technology with GPS as the core entered the field of construction machinery. The remote monitoring platform based on GPRS and GSM data transmission mode uses global satellite positioning technology (GPS), wireless communication technology (GPRS), location service (LBS) to monitor the geographic location, movement information, working status and construction progress of construction machinery and equipment. Implement data collection, data analysis, remote monitoring, fault diagnosis and technical support.


What is GPS?

GPS (Global Positioning System) is the global positioning system. It is a new-generation satellite navigation and positioning system that was fully completed in 1994 and has the ability to perform all-round real-time three-dimensional navigation and positioning in sea, land and air.


The role of GPS locator in construction machinery

With the continuous development of science and technology, GPS positioning is more and more widely used in our daily life and work. Many companies and people in the industry recognize that intelligence is a trend in the development of construction machinery. So far, different construction machinery companies have put intelligence into production practice.

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1. Real-time monitoring of construction machinery

With a GPS locator installed, we can not only locate the location of construction machinery in real time, but also monitor their working status. Including their driving route, moving location, working hours and fuel consumption monitoring. Based on this information, it can be accurately known whether the driver has illegal operations and other behaviors, which can supervise the driver, which indirectly reduces the cost of project operation.


2. Control risks for mortgages and leases

Large-scale equipment used in engineering often consumes a relatively large cost when starting, so reasonable second-hand equipment transactions have become an important part of the current construction machinery leasing field. As in the automobile market, in order to prevent fraudulent loans, non-payment of loans or second-hand mortgages, GPS locators can be installed to reduce risks. If this happens, it can be locked through the remote cut-off function, making the construction machinery unable to start operation.


At present, domestic construction machinery manufacturers have realized the importance of informatization construction, and have been preparing for the standard configuration of mainframe GPS locators to accelerate the pace of product informatization construction. Shenzhen Eelink Communication Technology Co., Ltd. provides customers with: GPRS+GPS, GPRS+BEIDOU, GPRS+WCDMA+ Beidou, vehicle OBD locator, real-time temperature monitoring, Bluetooth Beacon terminal!

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