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New GPS Tracking Tech for Fleet Management

Fleet management is an effective way that allows companies to organize and coordinate work vehicles with the aim to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and provide compliance with government regulations.

The purpose of fleet management is to oversee all fleet performance and fleet maintenance in order to increase productivity and help a business run as smoothly as possible.

Any organization that needs commercial vehicles to function engages in some form of fleet operations and fleet management.

How to manage effective fleet management is a concern for many fleet companies.
In the past, we might hire an experienced manager to help us monitor and evaluate the driver's behavior, in order to prevent a lot of waste in business costs.

But It's a clumsy way, and we can't guarantee that a manager can manage all drivers at the same time.The situation has changed when we can use high-tech devices.

If you want to get better fleet management efficiency, then installing gps tracking equipment for all your company's vehicles may be the best solution.

As far as I know, all the fleet companies have chosen this efficient management solution without exception, and expressed great satisfaction.

Installing gps tracking device has become the best way to manage your fleet.

I don't think any company wants to pay huge costs and not have good efficiency. Choosing the fleet tracking solution means you will reduce more costs, better efficiency, and lower fuel costs.

So Are you ready to learn about this latest and most effective fleet management solution?

Next we will discuss why you need this fleet management method and details.

1.Why your fleet management need to GPS fleet tracking

Every company has different reasons for considering GPS tracking. But most of time,their goal is same.

In the past, a fleet management company must hire manager(at least one) to manage a fleet. If your company have more teams, you need to hire more managers.

This means your company  will have a high cost. In addition, the company cannot effectively supervise the fleet, which may lead to further additional costs for the team.We often hear a lot of the same things. Once your employee walks out the door and steps into their vehicle, you will no longer know exactly what they are doing for the rest of their day. That is reason why many companies need a fleet manager to keep a eye on them before the appearing of GPS tracking devices.

Hiring fleet manager is not the perfect solution, there are still many problems such as real-time tracking the drivers'behavior difficultly.

But Installing GPS tracking devices with your vehicle is perfect solution for fleet management,which can do what the fleet manager can't do

GPS fleet tracking means you no longer need to call drivers to find out where they are, or worry about how to provide evidence to a customer that a driver was actually there.

The following problems exist in traditional fleet management

1)The high cost of fleet management
2)Team staff are inefficient
3)Fleet manager management is inefficient
4)Vehicle resources are not fully use
5) Real-time tracking is difficult
6) Driving behavior are difficult to track, making it difficult to optimize driving routes

7)Difficult to control the safety of the driver

How to solve these problems at once, I think you already know the method. 

But I still want to say that the best solution is to install high-tech tracking devices for your vehicle.

You don't have to worry that these tracking devices will cost you a lot of money. 

When you use it, you will know that it is worth investing and will bring considerable value.

The fleet management solution,installing tracking devices for vehicle, is a combination of hardware and software . Firstly,the gps tracking devices collect information such as the journey history of the vehicle, and transmits the information quickly and efficiently to the manager's mobile phone or computer. In the process, a good tracking platform and software is needed.

Good web-based software allows you to follow your vehicles turn by turn easily ,Know clearly how long they have stopped in a particular location, and view past travel history

In order to give you a better understanding of the fleet tracking management and how to better choose good GPS fleet tracking servicer, we will discuss about fleet tracking.

GPS TRACKING fleet management

2.What can do the GPS fleet tracking

GPS fleet tracking help you collect the information about vehicle mileage, trajectory and more. 

GPS tracking technology enables you to monitor unsafe or inappropriate driving behavior, helping you to ensure your employees are safe and accidents are minimized. You can also set up email or text alerts to notify you if employees leave early, make unauthorized stops or take extended breaks.

By using GPS tracking, you can eliminate unauthorized stops, track employees going home early or during the day, taking extended lunch breaks, and not actually being where they say they are. If you ever have problems with missed stops, incomplete jobs or side jobs, this is a great solution to keep on top of what’s actually happening.

By GPS Fleet Tracking,you can save time, increase your employees’ productivity, enhance driver safety and provide better service to your customers.

3.What are the components of a complete GPS fleet tracking solution

The GPS fleet tracking is a combination of hardware and software technology. If you want to track your fleet, installing gps tracking device is necessarily, which is primarily responsible for collecting information and Report your gps coordinates.

The GPS fleet tracking solution requires not only gps tracking devices, but also the software application and tracking platform server.

When your device has received your location information and satellite coordinates, this information will be transferred to your platform server via the built-in module. Finally, the information in the platform server is presented by the software App,then we can see this data in PC and phone.

In general, gps tracking devices manufacturers have their own software development team, they need to develop a tracking terminal platform to cache the related data such as the vehicle's trajectory, vehicle position, temperature information.

We just  only download the software APP developed by the devices company, and you can clearly manage the fleet efficiently. Of course,you can also choose the third-party tracking platform.

Tips on choosing GPS tracking devices for fleet

when we buy gps tracking device to start your fleet management,we should be based on our own needs.

The different purpose and requirements of GPS fleet tracking, result in the diversity of device selection.

Some services offer easy, plug-and-play devices that have small size. These devices plug right into your vehicle's OBD  port.

Sotimes,installating some GPS devices may be complicated.,and you can install them by yourself, or professinal company .

The following device types are available at Eelink:

OBD vehicle tracker
Magnetic GPS Tracker

3G GPS tracker

gps tracking for car

4.The basic functions of the GPS fleet tracking devices

In general, .GPS fleet tracking devices generally have these features below:

1)Vehicle history track query (mostly within a month)
2)Vehicle real-time position tracking
3)Vehicle abnormality alarm function
4)GPS/LBS positioning mode switching
5)Electronic fence alarm

6)Support third-party platform access

Depending on the customer's needs, GPS tracking equipment manufacturers can customize the function, such as when the vehicle is overspeed, you can achieve oil cut-off by software.

5.How to choose GOOD tracking devices for your fleet

If you want have a good management for fleet, choose the correct equipment is important.
We can consider the following factors

1.There is good stability of the tracking platform server.

Poor platform stability means that the software team is weak. Once the amount of user data is too large,the server may be crashed.

Good tracking platform server can cache more datas about the vehicle.we can know more details to adjust the Management method.

2. High quality and easy to use

The quality of the gps tracking device affects the entire process of gps fleet tracking. 

Some manufacturers produce low quality gps trackers. They do not provide quality assurance and repair services which making your equipment does not work after a few weeks. Before purchasing equipment, it is best to know if this service is available.

3. After sales service Technical support

The GPS fleet tracking solution involves high-tech.Customers can't repair it by themselves when the fault occurs.

They can only rely on the manufacturer, so it is very important that whether the company can provide after-sales service and technical support in the whole gps fleet tracking process.Before purchasing services, Many vendors provide in-person or virtual demos, so try one first before making a commitment.


We have known from the description above:

Why GPS fleet tracking

What can do the GPS fleet tracking

What are the components of a complete GPS fleet tracking solution

The basic functions of the GPS fleet tracking devices

How to choose GOOD tracking devices for your fleet

Now you understand the benefits of this fleet management solution?

If you have a complete fleet company, don't hesitate to use it to install trusted tracking deices for your vehicle.It is so easy to improve the efeficiency of the driver, saving more fuel fees and Labor costs .

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