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3 Best GPS tracking device from Eelink 2019

Description of GPS tracking device

GPS tracking device is normally carried by a moving vehicle or person or Assets which uses the global positioning system (GPS) to track the device's movements and record history route. Locations data can be transmitted to Internet-connected server using the cellular (GPRS or SMS) and GPS modem embedded in the unit. 

This allows the location to be displayed on a map either in real time or history route information. These locations data can be stored within the device in some place where is bad network signals.

GPS tracking device is installed in the vehicle usually. It connects with car battery, ignition switch.  OBD GPS Tracker connects with CAN-bus for OBD diagnosis. It collects vehicle locations data, which is later transmitted to the GPS Tracking system via website or APP. It is available for viewing on the tracking website accessed over the Internet, where fleet activities can be viewed live or historically using Google maps.

GPS tracking device applied for commercial fleets are often configured to transmit location at a set intervals or when an event ( vehicle crash, SOS, Geo-fence border cross or enter or exit) triggers the unit to transmit data. It allows many operations on the tracking system, such as choose working mode, alarms setting, remotely cut off or recover oil/engine. 

EELINK GPS tracking device upload location data every 30 seconds intervals while the ignition status is on or device is moving or device stops. The uploading intervals can be set in time or distance or course according to users’ requirement. It helps to save data flow, power consumption, extend device usage.

What changes have been brought to us by GPS tracking device?

GPS tracking device is a product of the lOT era, involving high-tech technology, integrating software, hardware, servers, positioning systems, etc.

Nothing can beyond the GPS tracking devices To show the brilliance of technology.

The GPS tracking device is complex, which means that it is not easy to develop a GPS tracking device perfectly and practically.

If a company can produce a variety of GPS tracking devices that be welcomed and praised by customers,it would be something that be proud of.

In addition, GPS tracking device has changed some industries a lot. It has taken on many tedious and tedious tasks for human beings, and we will have more time and energy to do other important things.

Such as GPS tracking device are changing the Fleet Management Business

In the previous Fleet Management, we needed to arrange the manager to keep a eye on driver to ensure their efficiency. 

But most of time it does not work well,even increase more company operating costs.

Now we can use GPS tracking devices for real-time positioning and online alarm functions to help fleet management manager.

Fleet management manager does not need to go out in person to manage drivers in real time to make driver work more efficiently. They just need a computor and mobile that conneting with tracking platform.

The emergence of GPS tracking IOT device also reduces the thief's crime frequency, our car will be more secure with the device's real-time tracking function.

When we notice our car have been stolen,we can quick cut engine off remotely , very powerful, isn't it?

GPS tracking IOT device's benefits is far more than what I said.Based on customer needs,Now many GPS tracking device manufacturer can customize practical functions such as temperature detection, speeding alert, etc.

I can't exhaust this story about GPS tracking IOT device, you can expect more about it.Maybe, you are tired of what I said, and I can't wait for me to show some real GPS tracking devices.

Next, I will introduce you to 3 Best GPS tracking device from Eelink in 2019.These three GPS tracking devices are the most proud works of Eelink Communication Technology Limited.

Best GPS tracking device from Eelink in 2019

Remotely shut off engine disabling devices TK121

Remotely shut off engine disabling devices TK121

One of the most powerful vehicle GPS trackers from Eelink.TK121 is the best car shut off gps tracking devices.

It can cut off the vehicle engine remotely but lower price.TK121 Supports quad bands, i.e. 850/900/1800/1900MHz, universal in the world.

Tracking reports can be viewed on both desktop and mobile devices, and you can receive text or e-mail alerts when a car AWAY a geo-fencing zone.

TK121 has passed Certification including ISO2000, ISO14001, ISO/TS16949.Its GPS Positioning Accuracy reaches 5-15m
The TK121's production capacity is 100,000 Pieces per Month, which is very suitable for merchants to order in bulk.

4G LTE GPS Vehicle Tracker TK319-L

4G Eelink LTE GPS Vehicle Tracker TK319-L

The TK319-L is ideal for fleet management, Cold chain transport. It integrates high-end UBLOX GPS, GNASS Chip.
The most important thing is that it can support 4G LTE networks and cover multiple bandwidths.
When the market is still selling 3G wcdma gps tracking devices, we have developed a new generation of 4G devices, which is exciting.

The features of 4G LTE GPS Tracker TK319-L are below

1.SOS/Over-speed/Geo-fence Alert
2.Temperature Monitoring
3.Remote Engine/Door Control
4.Accurate Real Time/LBS Tracking
5.Wireless Firmware Upgrade
6.Built-in 3 axis G-sensor for Motion Detect

The Module has received PICRB, GCF, FCC, IC, Anatel, AT&T, CCC certifications.

4G GPS Tracker LTE CAT M1/NB1 already Full-covered in US & AU. Canada will also ready soon, and Brazil, Mexica & Eu work in some places.

3G WCDMA Real-time tracking GPS Vehicle tracking device TK319-H

3G WCDMA Real-time tracking GPS Vehicle tracking device TK319-H

3G WCDMA GPS tracking device is widely used worldwide.
The biggest feature of the TK319-H is the accurate tracking of vehicle position in real time.
It can transmit the location quickly via email or SMS text.

Setting up geographic fencing or boundaries is easy if you want to get real-time notifications of a car leaving a specific zone. Measuring 89(L)X37(W)X 12(H) inches in size.

Whether you are an individual or a manager that manages many cars, the TK319-H is very practical to become good chiose.

Compared to the same type of equipment in the market, the price of the TK319-H is much lower than them.

Final words

GPS tracking devices are easy to set up. After creating a account on Eelink tracking platform , you can manage your all devices. You can view your tracker’s live whereabouts on the web or through a mobile app with high accuracy.

The good news is that the Eelink tracking platform is currently free to use for us.

Vehicle GPS tracking devices are generally not hard to install, but installation varies depending on which one you choose. 

If you choose Magnetic GPS Tracker,attach to your car will be ok. Others slip inside your glove box, and advanced tracking devices plug into a car’s OBD system.

To help you drive safely and manage efficiently, invest in a GPS vehicle tracker.

The there above are the best GPS tracking devices manufactured by Eelink ,hope they will help you tracking your vehicle easily.

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