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  • Drivers who have used 4g gps tracker for car know that in some GPS processes, due to many reasons, the actual geographic location of the car is different from the geographic location displayed on the GPS map, and a certain error occurs.
  • Not long ago, some netizens pointed out that after taking their car for maintenance, they found a wireless 4g gps tracker for car in the tailpipe. Because the locator was determined not to be installed by the car owner and his family, the car owner soon went to the police station to call the police. We do not know the current investigation status of the case. But there are also many netizens who have asked questions: Can the wireless locator really be installed in the tailpipe of the car?
  • In the process of purchasing 4g gps tracker, we can often hear the store's explanation: 4g gps tracker has ACC detection function. So how to understand ACC detection, and what does ACC arming and disarming mean?
  • In order to avoid the disassembly of the 4g gps tracker in the car, many trackers have anti-disassembly functions. If the device is disassembled without authorization, it will cause the device to alarm.
  • There are many types of car locator devices on the market, and the number of manufacturers of car locator devices is gradually increasing. In order to better attract the attention of consumers, and then purchase products, some manufacturers have implemented special promotions that purchase locator products for lifetime platform use. In fact, these events are particularly affordable for consumers.
  • In short, the wired car locator device can only be used after it is powered on. Usually, the wired car locator device has three lines, one is connected to the positive pole of the vehicle power supply, the other is connected to the negative pole, and the other is the ACC Wire. If two of the three lines of the car locator device are disconnected, can the locator still monitor the position of the vehicle?
  • For most electronic products, the working temperature is too high or too low, which will interfere with the daily use of the device. Just like the tablet computer that everyone loves, it is easy to fail to charge when the weather is cold. Electronic products such as 4g wireless trackers that basically operate outdoors and must read satellite signals to complete their daily work are also subject to interference from the external environment.
  • The development of the Internet has pushed my country's logistics industry into a period of rapid development. There is no doubt that transportation plays a very important role in logistics and supply chain management in our country and globally, and contributes to overall economic growth.
  • Recently, the 4g lte gps tracking device boom has been set off in the private car circle. Especially after the famous car theft incident a few months ago, the owners of luxury cars and famous cars have started to set up 4g lte gps tracking devices on their cars. Is it necessary to install 4g lte gps tracking device in the car?
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