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pet location device Remote boot can not open what is the reason?

The pet location device can be turned on and off remotely by collecting SMS messages. So, what causes the pet location device to be unable to remotely open the machine?

pet location device can remotely control the switch of the device by sending instructions through SMS, but not all of the time we can successfully carry out remote control, and the main reasons for the remote locator can not open the machine are as follows:

1.the locator is powered off

pet location device power off just like our mobile phone is off, once the locator is out of power, then the remote command will not be able to play its role.

2.the locator can not receive the signal

Similarly, the locator also needs to play a role in the place where there is a signal, once the location of the locator signal is weak, then the locator naturally cannot receive remote instructions.

3.the device SIM card has not opened SMS service

The remote control is effective only when the SIM card of the device is enabled with SMS service.

4.The SIM card stores too many SMS messages

If the SIM card has a short message service, but the SIM card stores too many short messages, it will also cause the device to be unable to receive short messages from remote commands.

5.Instruction errors

Once the user finds that his device can not be turned on by remote command, then you can eliminate the above reasons one by one to achieve the purpose of remote switching oh.

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