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Temperature Monitoring solution For Cold Chain

Monitoring temperature for cold chain in real time is important

Monitoring the temperature in real time during cold chain transportation has become an important method to ensure food safety and freshness. Therefore, how to effectively monitor the temperature of the cold chain has become a problem that many enterprises must consider.

We all know that in the process of delivering, special attention must be paid to continuous refrigeration, because microbial activity and respiration are strengthened with the increase of temperature. If the conditions of continuous refrigeration can not guarantee, then the goods may begin to rot and deteriorate.
Cold Chain Management Temperature Monitoring Solutions
For businesses, it is a great loss for food rot during the transportation. For individuals, whether food is fresh or not affects our quality of life. With the improvement of the quality of life, people have higher requirements for fresh vegetables, seafood, milk, drinks transportation.

Therefore, many temperature monitoring solutions have been proposed, and Eelink has also developed own temperature monitoring solutions for cold chain. It helps to solve the complicated procedures, reduce the manpower and material resources, and cut down the enterprise cost. User is able to view real time temperature and temperature changes by APP on the cellphone.

More details about the temperature monitoring solution for cold chain

The questions you may ask about the temperature monitoring for cold chain

1.What is the accuracy for temperature value?

2.Do device offer real time temperature or not? How often do use get temperature data? Can uses set the temperature storing intervals by themselves? 

3.Do the user view temperature data remotely? Do it has server to store the temperature data? How many days temperature data can be stored? 

4.Can abnormal temperature during continuous transportation or storage be known timely? How to send notifications when temperature is not in the safe range? 

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