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Temperature Monitoring solution For Cold Chain Make Temp Track Easy

Remote temperature monitoring solutions are becoming the latest way to monitor temperature.

Wireless Temperature Monitoring Solution is becoming more and more important, which can help you improve the efficiency in Temperature management.

Temperature Monitoring Solution make it easy to track temperature. There is many benefits for A good Temperature Monitoring Solution.

The benefits of Wireless Temperature Monitoring Solution

1.Take comfort in knowing your temperature is within specification.

2.Monitor temperature conditions around the clock, 24/7

3.Maximize your profits by preventing unnecessary  disaster for example,the high or low temperature make food damage.

4. Get relevant alert in time before small problems become big problems

The Temperature Monitoring Solution You should Choose

Eelink temperature beacon is the most advanced temperature monitoring solution available. The wireless temperature monitoring solution intergrated the widest ranges of temperature sensor, humidity sensor,and advanced brand moudle. Keeping it simple and empowered by the advanced firmware technology,Eelink offers a practical solution specifically designed to meet strict regulatory compliance requirements for hospitals, life sciences, and other industries where environmental monitoring is critical.  Eelink's Temperature Temperature Monitoring Solution integrates the best remote temperature monitoring system, remote temperature monitoring device, temperature monitoring APP.

Eelink's smart system is completely expandable and custom-tailored to fit any operation, big or small. You can start out with a few sensors and keep adding more, as your operation grows. Since our team of engineers designed and developed every component of the system, including hardware, firmware, and our beacon Software, we are able to think outside the box and create custom solutions to meet all of our customers’ needs.
Whether you are selling foods or transportinf medical objects, temperatures are of the utmost importance. Ensuring optimal temperatures in food storage coolers and freezers allows you to keep food fresh and prevents costly spoilage. From food coolers to Drug storage cabinet, Eelink's Temperature Monitoring Solution can help you maintain proper temperatures and alert you in real-time if temperatures go outside their optimal range.

Wireless Temperature Monitoring Solution not only applies food, pharmaceutical transportation, but also more application.

Applications For Temperature Monitoring

Applications For Temperature Monitoring

Next we will use Temperature Monitoring Solution For Cold Chain as an example, you will know more about Temperature Monitoring Solution.

Temperature Monitoring solution For Cold Chain

Cold-chain transportation refers to the transportation of the goods to be kept at a constant temperature during the whole process of deliver, whether it is loading and unloading, changing the transportation mode, or changing the packaging equipment. 

In the process of delivering, special attention must be paid to continuous refrigeration, because microbial activity and respiration are strengthened with the increase of temperature. If the conditions of continuous refrigeration can not guarantee, then the goods may begin to rot and deteriorate.

With the rapid development of the logistic industry, people have higher requirements for fresh vegetables, seafood, milk, drinks transportation. It is a great loss for food rot during the transportation. Thanks to the rise of cold chain field, it greatly improve the freshness of the food by precise control during the food storage and distribution. Monitoring the temperature and humidity in Cold chain play an important role in the total cold chain system.

Modern technology and Internet advancement promote the cold chain temperature monitoring solutions, using technology to incorporate cold chain temperature monitoring into the entire cold chain transportation system. This leads to improve the high level cold chain management system. 

Maybe you will ask some questions about the temperature monitoring for cold chain

1.What is the accuracy for temperature value?

2.Do device offer real time temperature or not? How often do use get temperature data? Can uses set the temperature storing intervals by themselves? 

3.Do the user view temperature data remotely? Do it has server to store the temperature data? How many days temperature data can be stored? 

4.Can abnormal temperature during continuous transportation or storage be known timely? How to send notifications when temperature is not in the safe range? 

Eelink provides its own temperature monitoring solutions for cold chain. It helps to solve the complicated procedures, reduce the manpower and material resources, and cut down the enterprise cost. User is able to view real time temperature and temperature changes by APP on the cellphone.

EELINK’s temperature beacon device BTT01 works with Keelin-beacon APP. User can receive relative information from the APP. 

1.Temperature data can be read in ℃ or ℉.
2.You can select a certain time range to query the temperature value of this time period (no more than 8000 data).
3.The exported temperature data is available in PDF and EXCEL formats for customer reference. The exported data contains a graph of temperature versus time.
4.Synchronize temperature data.
5.Broadcast interval, collection interval, storage interval can be set and queried.
6.Temperature alarm can be set and queried.
7.Clear historical data.
8.Air upgrade device software version.

More details about temperature beacon

temperature monitoring

As a brand IoT device manufacturer, Eelink is committed to developing advanced, high-quality solution that brings value to our customers. Eelink's Temperature Temperature Monitoring Solution has great advantages.Whatever your needs may be, we have a solution for you!

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Clients can access their system via any computer, smart device, or tablet. Our free app is available to download from the Apple App store or the Google Play Store for use on any Apple or Android device. The software comes standard with an Asset Management Module, which includes the ability to track all assets, warranty information and equipment documentation, service records, costs, preventative maintenance scheduling, and alerts.

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