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4G GPS tracker will become the best choice for tracking your car in 2020

Have you ever been tired of choosing a GPS tracker? 2020 is coming, if you haven't purchased GPS tracker for your vehicle or assets, you are lucky, you will have the opportunity to buy a new generation of 4G GPS TRACKER.

4G GPS tracker will be the best choice to replace 2G,3G tracking devices in 2020! Why?

We all know that GPS trackers play an important role in modern business, and all kinds of GPS tracke are sold in the global market. The GPS tracker have many applications.

Learn about GPS tracker application.

In 2020, which GPS tracker do you want to buy ? Do you know the 4G GPS tracker? Next we will provide you with some suggestions for your reference.

Generally speaking, it is very similar that the functions of the tracking devices produced by the GPS tracker company . The biggest difference lies in the raw materials and gps modules that GPS tracker company use, which is the reasons why so many GPS tracker have the different price. If you want to buy GPS tracker for individual use, it is best to compare with different companies

According to the different network coverage of the device, there are mainly 2G GPS tracker,3G GPS TRACKER,4G GPS TRACKER, NB-IOT GPS tracker in the global GPS tracker market currently.

The network covered by each country is different. For example, China has accelerated the pace of building 5G networks. In most areas of Chinese cities, 2G networks have been shut down. Therefore, when you need a GPS tracker to be used in China, 2G GPS tracke is not good  choice for you. But in South Africa, 2G networks are still operating, but the 4g,5g network is the trend the future.and many cities have covered the 4G network. The 4G LTE GPS tracker is still your better choose.

If you live in Canada, I highly suggest you buy 4g tracking device when you have a need. Because their 3G network is no longer in use next year. If you need to bulk order 4g GPS tracker from GPS tracker manufacturer in Canada ,it is not good idea,which means you will spend more money. The better option is that wholesale 4G GPS tracker in a country with low labor cost, but you need to clarify the premise that you believe the quality of devices.

As more and more countries improve network facilities, the old network is eliminated, the GPS tracker market will have a huge change. The 4G GPS tracker will be the trend in the future.

At present, the 2G GPS tracker has gradually withdrawn from the market, and more and more 4G GPS trackers will be apperaed in the market. When you need GPS tracker, 4G GPS tracker will be your best choice. 

Where to find the 4G GPS tracker?

It is easy to find. Currently there are many GPS tracker companies produced and sell 4G GPS trackers, you can buy the 3G/4G GPS tracker in AMAZON or the GPS tracker manufacturers. If you think of the 4G tracker from Amcrest, Spytec are expensive,you can find the substitute.

In fact,we can find more cheaper 4G GPS devices with better quality to replace Amcrest, Spytec's 4G tracking devices. In China, many GPS tracker companies have started to produce 4G GPS tracking devices. Many top manufacturers have the ability to mass production, such as Eelink, whose 4G GPS tracker have a high quality and support advanced customization to meet customer needs.

In 2020, if you want to track your vehicle and fleet, the best recommendations is that purchase the new generation of GPS tracker with 4G network, which has more bennefits. whthin the decades, you do not worry about it being eliminated.

4g car tracker usually use the wired installation type, which can integrate the multiple functions, such as SOS / ibutton, speed alert.

If you worry about the standby time, you can install an external battery to your device to improve battery life.

4g gps tracker from Eelink

Click the image to view the details 4G GPS tracker with external battery at Eelink

There is no doubt that the 4g GPS tracker will become the most popular tracking device in 2020. We will see more and more 4G GPS trackers including wireless 4G GPS tracker,4G magnetic tracker, 4G OBD GPS tracker in the market. To know more about why you need 4G GPS tracker not 2G / 3G GPS tracker.

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