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3G WCDMA Waterproof Vehicle GPS Tracker TK119-3G
3G WCDMA Waterproof Vehicle GPS Tracker TK119-3G 3G WCDMA Waterproof Vehicle GPS Tracker TK119-3G 3G WCDMA Waterproof Vehicle GPS Tracker TK119-3G 3G WCDMA Waterproof Vehicle GPS Tracker TK119-3G 3G WCDMA Waterproof Vehicle GPS Tracker TK119-3G 3G WCDMA Waterproof Vehicle GPS Tracker TK119-3G 3G WCDMA Waterproof Vehicle GPS Tracker TK119-3G
  • 3G WCDMA Waterproof Vehicle GPS Tracker TK119-3G

  • Manufacturer: Eelink
    Model : TK119-3G

    TK119-3G is 3G WCDMA Vehicle GPS Tracker manufactured by Eelink,which is mainly used in business vehicles or commercial vehicle tracking.Widely used in car, trucks,motorcycle. 

    It has a compact size which can installs in the place where we can not see . The tracker updates data every 60 seconds that given you real-time insight for your vehicle. The Kill Switch is used to remotely disable the ignition from any location using your phone or computer. TK119-3G Tracker will provide up to a one year report history of all events including the miles per hour, ignition on/off, ACC/motion detected and stopped, as well as several other events.

    1.Remotely-cut off (petrol / Power)

    2.Overspeed alert

    3.ACC detection

    4.Overspeed alert

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  • Description

    The TK119-3G is an upgraded version of the TK119 that will add more sophisticated features and faster real-time data updates.

    When the gps tracker of 2G networks is still popular in the market, we have developed a GPS car tracker that supports 3G WCDMA, which highlights our technical strength.

    This can be seen from the TK119-3G. So what are the features of TK119-3G?

    The description of GPS Vehicle Tracker TK119-3G

    TK119-3G has a wide range of applications. In particular, it has an unparalleled advantage in tracking your car and motorcycles in real time.

    The TK119-3G not only has an advantage in price, but it also covers all the banefits of the gps car tracker, such as real-time update location data,remote power cut-off, ACC detection, waterproof and multiple alarm functions including Speed Alarm,Geo-fence Alarm ,Shift Alarm.

    The best feature that make me pround is: when you are speeding, we can cut off the power and remotely and give you a speed alert,which help us driving more safety.

    The features of 3G WCDMA Vehicle GPS Tracker TK119-3G

    ■ GSM / WCDMA dual-mode 8-frequency, universal in the world. 

    ■ Input voltage range: 6-36 V DC
    ■ Double Module,GPS & LBS positioning. 

    ■ GPS precise positioning with A-GPS and uploaded by GPRS regularly, Supports real-time tracking and history track playback. 

    ■ Supports ACC status checking and vehicle status notifying. 

    ■ Built-in battery, Power disconnect alarm & Low battery alarm. 

    ■ Built-in G-sensor ,Vibration, collision and falling alarm. 

    ■ GEO-fence alarm, speed & shift alarm. 

    ■ Use relay to remotely cut the oil
    ■ Extend I/O port to add extension function
    ■ Multiple protocol support, can be integrated to platform of customers
    ■ OTA upgrade firmware. 

    ■ IP67 Waterproof level

    Function of 3G WCDMA Vehicle GPS Tracker 

    ■ Real-time Tracking
    ■ Route Play Back
    ■ Cut Oil (Need Relay,optional accessory, not included in the default package)
    ■ Vibration Alarm
    ■ Collision / Falling Alarm
    ■ Speed Alarm
    ■ Geo-fence Alarm
    ■ Power Disconnect Alarm
    ■ Low Battery Alarm

    Base Parameters of TK319-3G

    12/ 24/ 36 VDC
    Work Current 
    Standby Current 
    GPS Accuracy
    5-15m (Depend GPS signal)
    LBS Accuracy

    About 200 m (Depending on density of base stations)

    GPS Frequency 
    GSM Frequency
    Hot/warm/cold Start 
    Battery Capacity 
    Dimensions (mm)
    87(L)X41.6(W)X 12(H)
    Work Temperature
    Work Humidity 
    50 g
    IP Level

    Typical Application field

    Logistics enterprises.the management team, the bus management, insurance companies, power companies, oil companies, telecommunications companies, taxi companies, car sales, car rental company scale, less-than-one carload leasing companies, auto car drives, small and medium-sized enterprise team, vehicle maintenance and repair personnel, automotive technology researchers, individual owners.

    Warranty period

    Since the date of purchase, passive waste host has one year warranty.
     After sales
    Any of the following circumstances not covered by the warranty, but may be appropriate to pay repair:
    1)More than the warranty period.
    2)Unauthorized removal or repair damaged.
    3)Damage caused by improper installation, use, maintenance, custody. 
    4)The IMEI label is torn or Obscure.
    5)Warranty certificate and product models do not match or warranty certificate be altered.
    6)Damage caused by force majeure.


    *Sample and mini order will be delivered within 1-2 working days after the receipt of payment.
    *For order over 500pcs or customized order, please contact our sales to make sure the current inventory. Our manufacturing capacity is 1,200,000 units per year. And for the popular units we hold 3000pcs stocks in advance per month.

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