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4g long battery life gps tracker,4g wireless tracker GPT49-Eelink
4g long battery life gps tracker,4g wireless tracker GPT49-Eelink 4g long battery life gps tracker,4g wireless tracker GPT49-Eelink 4g long battery life gps tracker,4g wireless tracker GPT49-Eelink
  • 4g long battery life gps tracker,4g wireless tracker GPT49-Eelink

  • Manufacturer: Eelink Communication Technology
    Device model: GPT49
    Weight: 166g
    GSM Band: B2/B3/B5/B8
    WCDMA Band: B2/B1/B5/B8
    LTE Band: FDD:B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B8/B28;TDD:B40
    GPT49 is the latest long battery life 4G GPS tracker manufactured by Eelink,which support all Global navigation satellite syeterm include GPS,Glonass,Beidou,Galileo/Qzss.

    GPT49 can support more network type in global include GSM/WCDMA/LTE-FDD/TDD,which make track your car/cargo/truck accurately.

    When GPT49 on the long standby mode,it can stanby more than 5 years(report the location once per day),which is real 4G long standby life GPS tracking device.

    Meantime,it can support the 3G,2G network.

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  • Description Features Specifications

    The 4G/3G/2G long battery life GPS tracker for your vehicle/cargo/truck

    Long standby GPS tracker means that the device can keep long life on the specific mode.GPT49 is so a high performance long life GPS tracker.  

    Compare with the battery powered GPS tracker for trailer/car/truck GPT46GPT49 has longer standby time and it use the 6500mah lithium manganese battery to keep the GPS tracking unit with 5-year battery life in long standby mode.

    By installing the Long Standby life tracker GPT49, we can monitor your vehicle or asset accurately by GPS,Glonass,Beidou,Galileo,Qzss satellite syeterm, , we can remotely track the location of vehicles or asset can be achieved through tracking platform or third party tracking platform.

    It plays a significant role in asset protection and any type vehicle management, helping customers and companies to reduce costs, ensure safety, and improve work efficiency.

    The long battery life tracking device integrated a flexible solution to control the sleep and wake up time of devices.Based on your demand,you can set the sleep and wake up time flexible.and there more ways to set up remotely include server,APP,SMS,etc.

    You can also choose the different mode freely include long stanby mode and emergency mode.The mode has different features.In long stanby mode,GPT49 can have 5 years stanby lifes. In emergency mode,you can start to track the object in real-time.

    The difference and same between Battery powered GPS tracker for trailer/car/truck GPT46 and  long battery life 4G LTE-FDD/TDD WCDMA GPS tracker GPT49

    1.GPT46 use 5500mAh rechargeable lithium Battery,but GPT49 use 6500mAh low self-discharge lithium manganese Battery

    2. The GPT46 Supports LTE CAT M1/LTE CAT NB2 (IoT NETWORK),but GPT49 support 2G/3G/4G network

    3.GPT46 Built-in temperature sensor, support temperature alarm,but GPT49 did not

    4. the stanby time of two tracking devices is different

    5.They have similar looks and sizes.

    6.Their application scenarios are similar

    If you only want to track the location for car one time per day,the long battery life 4G LTE-FDD/TDD WCDMA GPS tracker is your better chioce,which have longer standy time and the easier installation way,and you don't need to charge your device often.GPS tracker long battery life have better performance in stanby time.

    To read this article to know why you should GPT49:The Long battery life GPS tracker in 2020 you should not miss

    The FAQS You May Ask

    The device can be used for tracking my Trailer/cargo ?

    Yes,the device will work well for tracking your trailer,cargo.if you want to track your Trailer/vehicle and require the Long Battery Life, GPS tracker GPT49 will be good chiose in 2020.It is a wireless tracking device with long standby time,which built in 6500mah lithium manganese battery.In long standby mode,it can keep 5 years life.

    What is long standby mode

    If the GPS tracker is on long standby mode,which means the devcie will report the data once per day,not more times.So GPT49 is ideal tracking device for tracking your shipments, caogo,such as containers. We just need to confirm that the origin and destination of the container cargo are correct, because we do not need too many positioning times.

    Can i change the GPS tracker work mode

    This long battery life gps tracker for trailer can be change into emergency mode for real-time tacking, after it is automatically activated. It is packed with features like GEO-fence alarm, low battery alarm, integration with PC, apps, online or SMS queries as well as multi-protocol that can be integrated into a platform for customers.But on the emergency mode for real-time tackink,the standby time will be decreased.

    How To order the Long Battery Life GPS tracker 

    You can order sample online and test our devices,or contact us to bulk order the devices.

    How to install the long battery life gps tracker for trailer 

    It is easy to install the Long Battery Life GPS tracker.You just need to attach the device in the suitable place in your car.
    The attch way you can use is 3M Post-it notes.

    Could you support to bulk order the long battery life gps tracker for trailer

    We are the brand device manufacturer,and we can Continuous supply the tracking devices for you if you have enough orders.The minimum order that you can make is 100 pieces at once, and our company has got the ability to deliver every 1-2 weeks – with a supply ability of 30,000 pieces per month. Whether it’s for your own business or for resale, this long battery life gps tracker for trailer with long battery life boasts with quality and affordability.

    The long battery life gps tracker for trailer GPT49 can be charged ?

    NO,the device built in the Non-rechargeable battery,and if you want the gps tracker with rechargeable battery,you can choose the GPT46 or customize.

    Is there a monthly fee for your gps tracker long battery life ? 

    No,We do not charge any fees.It is really the gps tracker long battery life with no monthly fee.

    Features of GPT49

    ■ 6500mAh low self-discharge lithium manganese Battery
    ■ IP65 waterproof level
    ■Support EELINK 2.0, OTA Firmware upgrade
    ■ Third party platform integration
    ■ Built-in light sensor, detecting opening door/box behavior.
    ■ Easy to install with 3M Velcro
    ■ Low power alarm, Vibration alarm, GEO-fence alarm

    The specifications of GPT49

    Dimensions(mm):120(L) X 69(W) X 19.5(H)


    Button: 1 for power on 

    Baterry: 6500mah lithium manganese battery; 3.0 VDC


    Work mode :Work 5 minutes per day,sleep in other time;Emergency(real-time tracking for 48 hours then sleep

    Work current : 15uA(power off);GPRS(500 mA);LTE/WCDMA (700 mA)


    GSM Band:B2/B3/B5/B8

    WCDMA Band:B2/B1/B5/B8

    LTE Band:FDD:B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B8/B28;TDD:B40

    Antenna:built-in GSM/WCDMA/LTE-F/LTE-TDD Antenna;CERAMICS GPS Antenna

    Module certificate: GCF,CE,PTCRB,RCM,FCC,IC,JATE,FAC,CCC,Anatel etc.

    GNSS Band 1575MHz

    GNSS Accuracy <2M @ Open Sky 

    LBS ACCURACY:>200m(depend on density of base stations)

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