Asset Tracking Device
When it comes to your assets, you want to know exactly where they are, if they are being used to their fullest extent and to ensure that they don’t get lost or stolen. By using the eelink asset Tracking device, we can help you achieve your goal, and we will provide the best affordable price for GPS Asset Trackers.

Eelink Asset Tracking device not only help you Track & Manage your asset well,but also provide the complete GPS tracking solution based on your requirement. Our Quality GPS asset tracking devicess also provide the reliable reporting data to help you Analytical decision.

As we know, Satellite asset tracker has been around for years, but for many equipment types, previous hardware options were too big or expensive. With the rapid development of the Internet of Things, integrating tracking devices with software has become the first choice of solution to monitor asset. The, Asset Tracking device can already meet our needs for asset protection well and the price become affordable.

gps tracking devices for asset

What is Asset tracking devices

The asset tracking device is designed for the intelligent management of valued assets and mobile assets. Install the asset tracking device ,which is a practical solution for enterprises that need GPS asset tracking to provide accurate, real-time monitoring. 

Eelink GPS Asset Tracking device supports remote monitoring of containers, trailers, heavy equipment, cargo, vehicles, ships and other large value equipment.The goal is to Realize asset protection and reduce asset management costs. 

Using GPS asset devices to monitor your devices can help you improve the operational efficiency and security of your assets by providing the latest data.

remotely tracking your car asset

What assets can our devices track

1. Various types of vehicles, such as trucks, trailers, heavy vehicles, etc.

Our GPS devices can track your all vehicle assets very well, have a good insight for your vehicle position in real time and remotely, and achieve the purpose of efficiently managing fleet companies to Achieve Greater ROI

GPS tracker for trailer,equipment,vehicle

2. Cargo asset tracking

See where your cargo arrives and reduce the risk of cargo transportation.

3.Heavy equipment tracking device

The best tool to tracke construction equipment.The GPS tracking device help a lot in construction GPS tracking.

gps tracker for heavy equipment

GPS Asset Tracking Features

Some device's Battery Life Lasts up to 5 years

Asset Location Management real time 

Supports various satellite systems such as GPS,Beidou,Glonass,Qzss,Galileo.

Support multiple network types:2G,3G,4G,NB network

Historical Data Storage for long time

Fully Integrated With the third-party Tracking platform

The small equipment tracking devices design 

If you need to track your assets, please choose eelink company, we can support wholesale, custom, white label the device belong to you. We also welcome you to become our asset tracking device distributor.

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