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4g lte gps tracker correct installation method

4g lte gps tracker is very convenient to use and easy to install. In the process of use, some careful customers will find that the battery remaining value of some devices in the same batch of devices is lower than that of other devices. Some devices have lower positioning accuracy than others. What's going on here? Why is there such a big difference between the same batch of equipment?

Correct installation method:

1: The side with the words must face the sky

Some companies did not pay attention to these details when they purchased the ultra-long standby GPS locator, but instead resulted in the inaccurate position of the car they located. The GPS satellite signal is vertically downward, and the side of the antenna that receives the GPS signal is directly facing the ground. , you must know that such an installation location is definitely discounted, so why you are not accurate enough when you look at the location.

Some customers have also encountered this situation, and the side with the words on me is also facing the sky. Why is it still not accurate enough? Another feature of GPS signals is that they cannot penetrate metal objects and concrete structures. When installing, be sure to pay attention to the fact that the GPS locator cannot be completely shielded by metal, which will affect the use effect. This is why base station positioning sometimes occurs in indoor or underground parking lots.

The base station positioning is not accurate enough, and another disadvantage is that the power consumption is relatively large. The device defaults to GPS positioning. This device repeatedly searches for GPS signals or there is no GPS signal, and then switches to GPS positioning. All power consumption is larger than normal GPS positioning. a lot of.

2: The equipment should be avoided in a high temperature environment

Still the same situation, the same batch of equipment, the installation method is the same, but the installation place is different, the service life is too different, what is going on? Some customers directly put the equipment on the top of the car or on the surface. It is definitely good for this place to receive GPS signals. If it is in summer, under the sun, the temperature of the top of the car may reach 80-100 degrees or more. The battery is relatively deadly.

At present, the Eelink 4g lte gps tracker uses a one-time super lithium battery (3.6V, 5400mAh) with ultra-low self-discharge rate and wide temperature adaptability. 1%. If the temperature is higher than 60 degrees. If the temperature is too high, the battery self-discharge is very large, and a lot of power is wasted.

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