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How the GPS tracking system works

GPS works by providing information about the exact location. It can also track the movement of vehicles or people. Therefore, companies can use GPS tracking systems to monitor the route and progress of delivery trucks, parents to check the location of their children, or to monitor high-value assets in transit. Relying on its professional development technology, Eelink has expanded the gps tracking system to the fields of cold chain transportation, temperature and humidity control, etc., and sends accurate information to the user's device through the additional temperature and humidity sensing function.
The GPS tracking system uses the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network. The network contains a series of satellites that use microwave signals to transmit to GPS devices to provide information about location, vehicle speed, time and direction. Therefore, GPS tracking system can provide real-time and historical navigation data during any type of journey.
The GPS tracking system can work in various ways. From a commercial point of view, GPS devices are often used to record the location of vehicles while they are driving. Some systems store data in the GPS tracking system itself (called passive tracking), and some systems periodically send information to a centralized database or system (called active tracking) via a modem in the GPS system unit.
The passive GPS tracking system will monitor the location and store its data during the journey based on certain types of events. This GPS system can record data, such as the location of the device in the past 12 hours. The data stored on this GPS tracking system is usually stored in internal memory or a memory card, and then it can be downloaded to a computer for analysis. In some cases, the data can be automatically sent at a predetermined point in time/time for wireless download, or the data can be requested at a specific point during the journey.

The GPS tracking system is also called a real-time system because the method sends information in real-time to the central tracking portal or system on the GPS system. This kind of system is usually a better choice for commercial purposes, such as fleet tracking or monitoring personnel, such as children or the elderly, because it allows caregivers to know exactly where their loved ones are, whether they are on time and where they should be on the go in. In this way, we can effectively prevent the elderly from getting lost and getting separated. This is also a useful way to monitor the behavior of employees while performing work and to simplify the internal processes and procedures of the delivery fleet.

GPS tracking system

At present, China Mobile Communications has developed an anti-lost locator for the elderlywhich supports one-key alarm and two-way conversation. From a safety perspective, real-time tracking is also particularly useful because it allows the owner to pinpoint the exact location of the vehicle at any given time. And, the GPS tracking system in the vehicle can then help the police where to work when the vehicle is stolen.

GPS positioning is very important because it can help you determine where you are when traveling from one place to another and where you are going. Navigation and positioning are important but tedious activities, GPS makes it easier. Once GPS locates your location, then it starts to track other factors such as speed, bearing, orbit, travel distance, sunrise/sunset time, distance to destination and several other details.
The positioning terminal equipment developed and manufactured by E-link is based on the GPS system. Because of it, we can enjoy the convenience of life brought to us by the Internet of Things technology. Everything is to serve human beings better. We will firmly oppose illegal use. Every positioning product we manufacture is close to user needs and help users solve more problems. Improve life efficiency. With the enhancement of national scientific and technological strength, we also expect that the Beidou positioning system belonging to our country can bring us greater benefits.
At present, the application of GPS tracking system has involved all aspects of life. For example, vehicle locator is used to manage and track corporate vehicles to protect corporate property, and the locator's temperature and humidity detection function is applied to cold chain transportation to ensure the freshness of food. Elderly locator, locate the mobile phone to prevent the elderly, children from getting lost, etc.

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