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How to activate the GPS car locator device when the terminal is offline

GPS car locator devices are classified into wireless devices and wired devices. Wired devices need to be connected to the power supply of the car to work for 24 hours. Wireless devices need to rely on their own batteries to support them. Therefore, the steps for terminal activation of our GPS car locator device are as follows:

Install the SIM card

1.Install a SIM card in the card slot of the device (ensure that the Internet access and SMS functions are enabled on the SIM card, and no default occurs). To install the SIM card, open the rear cover of the GPS car locator device, and then place the SIM card in the direction indicated on the card slot.

Power the locator

Fully charge your GPS locator or connect your vehicle to power.

1.Wiring locator: If you understand the circuit, you can install it yourself, in fact, as long as you find the positive and negative terminals of the car power supply, the negative terminal is very easy to find, the positive terminal is found in the safety box, near the car key switch or directly connected to the battery; If you feel that you do not understand this aspect, you can also ask the relevant technical personnel to install. It should be noted here that the equipment is best connected to normal electricity, so that it is not affected by the car key switch, the power line directly from the car battery; The side of the locator with the light should face the sky, and the side facing the sky should not be close to the metal object blocking the internal GPS antenna to avoid the occurrence of signal instability.

2.Free installation locator: Connect the charging cable of the locator and plug in the locator to start charging. When the locator is fully charged, the charging indicator of the locator will change color or stop blinking.

Note: Different types of positioner charging indicator is displayed in different ways, so it can be operated according to the instructions of different types of positioner.

Activated locator

Use the vehicle or locator outdoors for a period of time to activate it. Log in to our platform, (PC or mobile) you can see your vehicle information at a glance, including real-time positioning messages, track playback, will be presented in the form of text and lines on the platform, to a large extent to provide your car with security.

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