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What does car gps tracker mean?

For car gps tracker drivers, you need to install a SIM card in order to realize the functions of positioning, navigation and continuous tracking. Are the merchants deceiving consumers by claiming that the card is free? No, here's how car gps tracker works:

Functions of SIM card:

The car gps tracker itself does not require a SIM card. It itself is a complete system, as long as the locator is electric, can receive more than 3 satellite signals to achieve positioning. However, this positioning is a two-way process, that is to say, the locator receives information, but also sends its own positioning information through the device, through receiving and reading the sent information for calculation, so as to determine the position of the GPS device.

If you don't have a SIM card, you don't have a network, GPS information can't be shared with other devices, and the location platform software doesn't have your location information.

Role of platform

Platform is the medium of vehicle inspection and the central point of processing equipment data. Only through the platform software can the location data be analyzed into Chinese address, and the functions of historical track, electronic fence, mobile terminal vehicle inspection and so on can be realized. Therefore, car gps tracker, SIM card, platform software is a triangle, the most stable relationship, without one.

What's the deal with card-free car gps tracker?

The reason for the car-free promotion by the brand is that the car gps tracker is basically built-in chip card, which means that the chip of the card is directly welded to the motherboard when it is delivered from the factory, which simplifies the user's trouble. Therefore, the so-called card-free car gps tracker does not need to buy, but "pay for the sheep", the purchase of money has already been included in the price of the locator. In addition, it should be noted that the merchant configuration card will generally give a certain period of free traffic use, later is the need to renew their own fees, and generally annual billing, but this cost is far less than our daily exposure to the network traffic cost, so do not worry about the use of time.

Therefore, when seeing the business advertising said "free card", in fact, is already in the motherboard. In particular, pay attention to the so-called lifetime flow free, do not easily believe that you may use a year or two, the seller denied with other excuses. Keeping your eyes peeled is the most important thing.

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