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Wired vs. Wireless GPS: Which tracker is Better?

With the increasing popularity of the Internet of Things, the number of car purchases is increasing year by year. Enterprises and individuals with vehicles begin to have the need to control their cars anytime and anywhere. Many people hesitate to buy car GPS positioning terminals because they are not sure which type is better, wired gps tracker or 4g wireless tracker. Here for you detailed introduction of wired GPS vehicle tracker and wireless GPS vehicle tracker advantages and disadvantages.

wired gps tracker

Wired GPS has more "wires" than wireless GPS, which are used to connect the power line and ACC line of the vehicle. The working power supply of wired GPS is provided by the vehicle. Generally, there is a miniature battery built in to make the device work for 1.5 to 2 hours after power failure, so as to prevent the device from being unable to continue working after the line is cut off by malicious means.


Because the working power supply of wired GPS can be provided by the vehicle, the biggest feature of wired GPS is that it can be located 24 hours a day in real time, and there is no need to worry about the equipment suddenly running out of power offline. In terms of signal strength, the signal of wired GPS equipment is also stronger and the positioning accuracy is relatively better.

In terms of functions, wired gps tracker has powerful functions, which can be real-time positioning and tracking, remote oil cut-off control, fuel consumption monitoring, setting up electronic fence area, speeding alarm, fatigue driving alarm, vibration alarm, illegal movement alarm...... Everything, in the vehicle monitoring platform - instant location - can also check the vehicle's trajectory.


Wired GPS must be connected with the vehicle power line, the installation position is not flexible enough, can only be installed to the place with the power line, so it is easy to be found by criminals to destroy, lose its function; In addition, the real-time positioning function of wired GPS makes the device always in the signal receiving/sending state. Criminals can use the signal blocker/detector to interfere with the working state of the device or find the installation position of the device.

Type of vehicle applicable:

Enterprise and public vehicle fleet, bus passenger transport, tracking and investigation, valuable logistics transportation, cargo tracking, vehicle rental, car loan management, private car management and other related industries.

4g wireless tracker

4g wireless tracker means that the entire device has no external connection, so it cannot obtain external power supply, and the service life of the device is limited by the built-in power supply. The battery life of wireless GPS trackers is determined by the positioning frequency set by the owner. The higher the positioning frequency, the shorter the battery life. As a result, 4g wireless Trackers are typically super-long standby types that can be used for three to four years without changing the battery or recharging it.


Wireless GPS positioning time is controllable, the device immediately enters hibernation state after signal transmission, flexible adjustment can avoid the interference of signal blocker and signal detector induction to a large extent, and further improve the anti-disassembly of the device.

Wireless GPS can be installed free, because no wiring, so the installation of wireless GPS tracker will not be limited by the vehicle line, can use strong magnetic, Velcro placed in any position of the vehicle (pay attention to signal strength), excellent hiding, in addition to the owner of others difficult to find out, good anti-theft.


Compared with wired gps tracker, wireless GPS has a single function, which cannot be used for real-time positioning. The location information displayed by wireless devices is the location information of the last positioning, not the current location information, so real-time positioning can only be enabled unless the car is stolen or other emergency situations.

Type of vehicle applicable:

Car rental, car loan management, private cars, tracking and investigation, valuable logistics transportation, public transport, cargo tracking and other industries.

Generally speaking, "everything has advantages and disadvantages", the focus of product selection lies in whether it is suitable or not, how to develop strengths and avoid weaknesses. In some specific vehicles and application scenarios, car owners should choose GPS devices suitable for their vehicles according to the advantages and disadvantages of trackers, so as to achieve twice the result with half the effort. Now many fleet managers choose to install wired and wireless GPS trackers together to obtain double protection.

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