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What problems may occur during the use of gps tracking system for cars?

Although with the development of science and technology, locator functions are more and more complete, positioning services are more and more accurate, but sometimes the locator still has some small problems. While these minor issues may not be enough to affect how we use the device's features, they still need to be noted.

So, what are the common problems that may occur during the use of gps tracking system for cars? What is their solution? This article answers some of the most common questions:

1.Positioning "drift"

Positioning drift means that the vehicle positioning does not match the actual position. The main reason for this phenomenon is that the equipment receives poor signal. If the equipment is not paid more attention in the installation process, the equipment is covered by metal substances, then it is very easy to produce this phenomenon; When cars enter areas with weak signals, such as high-speed tunnels and underground parking lots, there may be no signal phenomenon, which will also cause the positioning of the device to "drift".

Under normal circumstances, the owner only needs to drive away from the no-signal no-service area, the positioning track of the device will automatically return to normal; But if the equipment is in a drifting state for a long time, the owner should consider whether there is a problem with the installation of the equipment, or contact the business directly for equipment maintenance.

2.The device cannot receive instructions

The biggest reason the device can't receive commands is probably because the device temporarily lost its cell phone signal. Under normal circumstances, if it is the gateway signal is not good to temporarily receive instructions, the owner only needs to wait a little. If the device does not receive commands, the owner can dial the SIM card number directly to see if the device is connected properly, or to see if the card is running out of memory.

3.the device is shut down without reason

When the equipment shuts down without reason, the first thing we should consider is whether the equipment card is in arrears. If the equipment card has no arrears, it is likely that the power of the equipment is used up or the power supply line of the equipment is in trouble. Owners as long as the device battery charge in time or find a professional master to repair the power supply line can be.

4.the equipment indicator light is not on

There are usually three indicators on the device. The indicators respectively represent GSM signal, power signal and GPS signal. The owner only needs to judge where the problem occurs according to the not bright indicator light, and it is OK to solve the problem.

5.Why is the data in the operation statistics inconsistent with the actual situation? Mileage statistics do not match the actual mileage?

The running statistics function on the monitoring platform is based on the position information uploaded by the locator to the monitoring platform. The location information of the locator may be restricted by signal, environment, fault, and other factors. In other words, if the locator is offline or not positioned, and there is no accurate position data, the running statistics data may automatically fill in some data, so there will be some errors with the actual route.

6.Why can the vehicle still run after the platform is disconnected from oil and power remotely?

First determine if the gps tracking system for cars relay is wired correctly. In addition, the GPS locator must be connected to the server, ensure that the vehicle is in the "stationary" or "moving" state, and the vehicle speed is less than 20 kilometers per hour. If the locator is offline, not located, or the vehicle speed is higher than 20 km/h, the locator will not cut off the oil power even if the remote power cut off successfully.

gps tracking system for cars will always encounter some small problems in the process of using, maybe your question is not in the above 6, you can go to the public account "Sward car Network" to ask your question, our staff will answer for you.

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