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Why do logistics companies have to install 4g car gps tracker on trucks?

Nowadays, many logistics companies will definitely install 4g car gps tracker for their trucks, which is also to play a monitoring role. To ensure the safety of truck drivers and goods, and even play the purpose of fully dispatching trucks.

Logistics companies may be due to the company's more vehicles, more personnel, manpower control effect is insufficient, and sometimes there will be cars, oil, goods stolen; Some truck drivers may have illegal behaviors such as speeding and fatigue driving, which also makes the process of logistics freight full of security risks.

But a van with a locator is a different story. 4g car gps tracker is small, but powerful! Adding a small 4g car gps tracker can greatly reduce the risk of this and that in the process of trucking.

For example, the truck is equipped with Sward wired 4g car gps trackerS208, which has multi-vehicle control function, especially suitable for logistics companies to carry out fleet management, real-time and comprehensive monitoring of vehicle location information. The unique anti-theft function and overspeed alarm function of the locator can effectively curb the illegal behavior of the truck driver, and also protect the cargo oil of the truck from theft.

Perhaps the addition of 4g car gps tracker will make some truck drivers feel uncomfortable, but 4g car gps tracker is not only used for logistics companies to monitor vehicle goods, but also invisible, giving truck drivers another layer of security protection, which is beneficial!

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