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How to maximize the protection of 4g lte tracker?

4g lte tracker is no longer simply used as a job for car positioning. Because locator vendors have put a lot of effort into the protection function of the locator, more and more protection functions and functions have been given to the locator.

So how can we get the most out of the 4g lte tracker?

Select the best installation location

Install the 4g lte tracker in the best position to receive and transmit signal information most consistently. Wired equipment installation location can not be too closed, and wireless equipment installation location options are more. The installation position of the GPS terminal depends on the actual vehicle. But remember that for 4g lte tracker to have the most protection, the right location is essential.

After installation, you need to protect it

GPS terminals are electronic products, and the positioning accuracy will be affected by the installation position. Therefore, after installation, it is necessary to take into account whether the installation is waterproof, shockproof, ash proof, high and low temperature proof and other factors, and take appropriate protective measures.

A. Waterproof: When installing the GPS terminal, the position that is not easy to water should be selected, such as far away from the air outlet of the air conditioner, to prevent some water from seeping into the GPS terminal due to the large temperature difference in the car or the air conditioner itself, so as to affect the service life of the GPS terminal.

B. Shockproof: In order to ensure the positioning accuracy, the GPS terminal should not be installed in the position with long-term vibration.

C. Anti-ash: Many GPS terminals do not have anti-ash function, more dust infiltrates into the GPS terminal, which is easy to affect the positioning accuracy and life of the locator, therefore, GPS terminal installation should try to choose a place that can prevent dust.

D. High and low temperature protection: GPS terminals, like many electronic products, also have a suitable operating temperature range. If installed outside this range, it is likely to cause failure.

Enable the 4g lte tracker defense function

After the hardware is installed and secured, set the related functions of the locator. Real-time location, electronic fencing, and multiple alarm functions are turned on so the device can start protecting your car.

The car owner can find the electronic fence function on the location service platform to define the safe area or sensitive area for the locator. Then when the vehicle is stolen and drives away from the designated area or enters the sensitive area, the device alarm will be triggered and the device will send the alarm information to us in the first time.

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