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What are the advantages of 4g gps tracker for car that could take the in-car tracker market by storm?

Now China is fully rolling out 5G network, and the convenience of 4G network has already penetrated into every corner of people's lives. The Internet of Things devices are also undergoing iteration and update, among which the 4G intelligent vehicle tracker has gradually become one of the most popular GPS intelligent terminals in the market.

So what are the special advantages of 4G smart car trackers?

1.second speed positioning, microsecond position return

The natural advantage of 4G network is that the speed is faster. According to statistics, it is one level higher than 3G, which can increase from 2Mbit/s to 10Mbit/s. Therefore, 4g gps tracker for car can take advantage of this advantage to achieve second speed positioning. For example, Eelink can reduce the delay of location return to the microsecond level, making location transmission faster.

2.The number of 4G base stations is large and the network coverage is wide

4G network, as the communication technology with the broadest coverage, has a large scale of 4G base stations all over the world, so 4g gps tracker for car can realize the location transmission without distance restriction across the country. In addition, Eelink is equipped with GSM quadband, which can be adapted to a wide range of countries in the world. Overseas regions can also enjoy 4G location services.

3.Seamless access to data collection

As we all know, 4G can make use of wireless access technology to provide multimedia services such as voice, high-speed information services, broadcasting and entertainment. Users can access the system anytime and anywhere. Therefore, 4g gps tracker for car can make use of this advantage to realize real-time vehicle data collection and return, minimize data turnover and improve data availability.

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