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gps location tracker online helps reduce the cost of engineering vehicles

If a construction project wants to complete the operation, it cannot do without large engineering equipment, such as excavators, bulldozers, road rollers, forklifts, cranes, concrete mixing trucks and so on. While there is a business opportunity, the high cost of using such large machines is also a headache for many contractors. The main pain points of engineering vehicles are:

1. Fuel Consumption

Site vehicle, operation intensity, high fuel consumption is inevitable. Here are the unnecessary fuel consumption. For example, the concrete truck on the construction site must keep the roller rotating, as long as in operation, fuel consumption will always exist.

Plus vehicle scheduling connection is not good, the occurrence of vehicle dry. For a long construction site, this oil loss is quite a lot.

2. Investment in engineering vehicles

The large equipment used in the project itself is expensive, whether leased or purchased on loan, the cost is not small. Even if one or two cars are saved per site, the cost of the entire project will be saved and bosses will be pleased.

3. Personnel scheduling management

Staffing is a big problem. What a site owner fears most is not that the construction period needs to be extended, but that the workers on the site have safety problems. Once the supervision is not in place, there is an accident, even the normal operation of the site becomes a problem. It might even be blocked by the regulators and delayed indefinitely.

To solve these problems in project management, you can install gps location tracker online, such as Eelink's wired locator S208. gps location tracker online can:

First, monitoring vehicle fuel consumption

gps location tracker online can now monitor the fuel consumption of vehicles. As long as you log in the mobile phone and computer terminal, you can check the real-time vehicle fuel consumption. Once there is an anomaly, the management personnel can call out the corresponding vehicle of the equipment for investigation, and timely deal with the illegal operation found.

Second, improve scheduling efficiency

Engineering vehicle scheduling is to ensure the smooth and effective operation of the whole process. Improper scheduling will not only cause workers to slow down, but also easily lead to the use of vehicles in the "virtual high" situation.

After gps location tracker online is installed, administrators can directly view the running track, mileage, speed, and location of all vehicles in the background and make a reasonable scheduling plan based on the data feedback from the device. Reduce unnecessary vehicles. And according to this feature can reduce the unnecessary management personnel.

Third, optimize personnel management

For vehicle drivers, gps location tracker online can provide the running speed and trajectory of the vehicle, and is equipped with the corresponding alarm function. Once the device detects abnormal conditions, it can directly send alarm information to the background, so as to facilitate the background to check the vehicle condition and prevent accidents.

In addition, the installation of gps location tracker online is also a behavioral restraint for drivers, not to use public money for their own improper profits through some private illegal operations.

In conclusion, GPS positioning technology can not only help engineering management to rationalize the cost control, but also improve the efficiency of engineering operation, speed up the project progress and data processing.

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