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Free personal tracking platform GPS-Trace support Eelink’s tracking devices

Congratulation!Free personal tracking platform GPS-Trace support Eelink’s tracking devices.we have built good relationship with the free personal gps tracking software company.

As more and more people use GPS devices for personal tracking,the segment of private tracking is also huge and it rising every day.

In the past,our GPS Tracker was mainly used in enterprise tracking such as fleet tracking, cargo tracking so on, and we provide services for GPS tracker dealers,distributors, but we do not sell directly. Now,in order to meet the needs of more individual customers, we have established a good cooperation with GPS Trace. Our devices will can be used in GPS Trace platform, so you can buy the device for private use directly from manufacturer, not vendors, which make more clients enjoy the lower price.

How to easy set-up Eelink's tracking devices to GPS-trace

If you have a devices from Eelink,and you want to use the free gps tracking platform,you can check it the DEVICE COMMAND. Firstly,you should Check the appearance of the devices whether it is good.Then you should know the server port the address you point from GPS-trace tracking platform. Finally,base on the DEVICE COMMAND,installing the device you buy to check if it work well. When you install the device correctly and set up the commands well,you will recieve the related data.

Here is a example for the data when i set up sucessful


Tip:When you use the tracking devices on the GPS-trace platform,I suggest you buy equipment that is easy to install, such as Magnetic GPS Tracker, OBD tracker. Because they use wireless installation,you don’t need to have professional knowledage,and you can finnish it well! 

If you want to track your truck and trailer,the Battery powered GPS tracker GPT46 will be good chiose! If you want a luggage tracker,Long standby Luggage GPS tracker will be good solution. To view all tracking devices from Eelink.

About GPS Trace company

GPS Trace company is a free service for GPS tracking developed by Gurtam,which combined simplicity, reliability, and performance so that every person could feel more confident and secure about people and assets.

Securing your car or bike, being beside dearest and nearest, beeping an eye on children outside home, creating digital dog-lead GPS Trace solves these tasks and more for you to keep calm and stop worrying. This is the best thing you can get at no cost,which means that you will use the tracking devices with no monthly fees.


As brand GPS tracker manufacturer,we will strengthen our cooperation, and we will also launch more and better GPS tracking devices for personal in the future.

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