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Using Temperature Monitoring Devices to Improve Efficiency Of Cold Chain Monitoring

Why temperature monitoring for cold chain important in our life

With the rapid development of the cold chain logistics, it is easy to enjoy the Fresh safe food quickly, such as fresh vegetables, seafood, etc. But why can food be stored so well?

That is because during food transportation, transport companies strictly control the freshness of food, including temperature and humidity.If we can't strictly control it well, food is easy to spoil.

In general, these foods require a suitable temperature environment.So it is important to monitor temperature and humidity for cold chain real time.

How can monitor the cold chain temperature quickly and easily?

Since it is vital to temperature monitoring for cold chain, is there a efficient way to achieve it that monitor temperature quickly and easily ?

Of cource, there is so many different way to monitor cold chain temperature, which one is better, we need to check base on requirements. Many comanies has R & D great cold chain temperature monitoring solution. But next i will introduce the temperature monitoring solution from Eelink Comminication Technology!

The Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring solution can solve real-time temperature monitoring, temperature data caching, and recording problems. We can view remote temperature data through smart phones, computers.

The solution greatly reduces the time for recording temperature and improves efficiency.All functions are realized, we only need to install a high-quality Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring Devices!

The Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring Devices from Eelink has many perfect performance!For example:

1.Reduces errors and time spent taking manual checks

2.Variety of alarm notifications from beacon, email & SMS

3.View, share & interact with live data and alarms from anywhere in the world 24/7.

More details about the Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring Devices

Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring Devices is not enough. We also need a complete Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring system. Because devices can only collect data accurately, storing data and presenting data requires software and services. So Eelink has developed a complete Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring system. Through the software we develop. You can see the temperature data,  device power consume.The whole temperature monitoring system can help the customers to simplify the cumbersome procedures in the cold chain temperature monitoring, which greatly shortens the rapid linkage time of the entire management system, reduces the manpower and material resources, and reduces the enterprise cost.

cold chain temperature monitoring

The principle of cold chain temperature monitoring device

Due to the device integrated high-precision temperature,humidity sensor and the Bluetooth 5.0 chipset nRF52840, when you have installed cold chain temperature monitoring device the around the cold chain car,the device can logger the data quickly.

Then the temperature data is stored and the temperature information can be transmitted to the server faster by using the Ble bluetooth 5.0 to technology.  

The temperature information monitoring platform built by the mobile phone can cache a large amount of temperature datas. Finally, in order to obtain the data and realize the visualization, the data in the platform will be displayed on the computer or the smart phone through the software APP developed by the mobile connection. The entire process is fully automated, and we only need to perform a few simple keystrokes.

The  cold chain temperature monitoring system

1. Cold chain temperature monitoring device
2. Temperature information monitoring platform
3. Software APP that visualizes temperature information

If you are looking for a good temperature detection solution, please don't hesitate to contact us

The questions you may ask


1. How to install temperature monitoring device? 

It's easy to install Temperature  monitoring device and does not require wiring.It is very convenient, and can even be attached to any position in the car by means of post-it mounting.

2. DO I need to charge the device frequently.

No you don't.The standby time of the device can be up to five years, reducing the manpower of the operation, during which no charging is required.

3. Does the devices have other functions except monitoring temperature?

If you have a need for other functions , we can help you customize the function to meet your needs.


4. Is the temperature software APP free to use?

Yes, our software is free to use.Currently No other third-party APP.

5. Does the entire temperature monitoring system use only the cold chain field?

As long as it involves real-time temperature monitoring, our temperature monitoring solutions are applicable, such as warehouses, pharmaceutical temperature monitoring, etc.Learn more about Eelink's temperature monitoring device

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