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We need to be alert at all times. When we buy an item, if we are not prepared in advance, we may be deceived by the store owner,then we purchase the subject we don't want.Especially in the case of online shopping is more popular and popular today.The same is true for the purchase of GPS CAR tracker.We need to consider 8 factors when buying the ideal GPS CAR TRACKER

1.Choose the Reasonable design to match your need

Different cars have different requirements and this is a reason why you need to check the design of the GPS tracker so that it can get the right fit. Remember, you need to install the GPS track underneath your car so that no one gets to know about it. So, choose the compact and samll design is important.

2.Pick the one that NO hidden FEES 

When you want to buy a GPS tracker for your car, you might come across those charging activation costs including Platform fee, GPRS traffic fee. So, you can imagine how many holes you might end up burning in your pocket. Therefore, it’s best to avoid those and ask the merchant if there are other hidden fees.

3.Get the right size 

It’s always better to choose a GPS tracker that is compact in size so that it does not become difficult to attach it to your car or any other thing you want like a backpack, belt etc.If you want to attach it for your pets,it must samll enough and lightheihgt,most importantly,you should choose based on your needs.

4.Check whether it is waterproof&dustproof

You never know in what conditions you might have to drive your car. In case it gets too rainy and too dirty, the GPS tracker might undergo damage easily.So, make sure that the GPS tracker you are going to buy is completely waterproof.High level of dust protection is also a must,which means we can clean simpler and save our time.

5.Ensure that it keeps you alert

Good alert function can help you track the car in real time with less effort.For example,Geo-fence alert can prevent your car from being stolen;Remotely cutting off the engine help you drive safer when your children is overspeed.

That's why you should install a GPS tracker underneath your car is to stay alert as to when someone is entering or departing a specific area. So, it is essential to ensure that you buy a Global Positioning System that would send you a message or mail whenever necessary.

6.Ensure that it can work well in your country

The network bands may be different each country, you need to check if the GPS tracker you purchased  can be used in your country.Check the parameters of tracker,for example:Eelink TK116‘s Frequency bands support:UMTS/HSPA 800/850/900//1900/2100 MHz,GSM 850/1900 and 900/1800 MHz Quad-band,which means that the TK116 will work well in USA,China.

7.IF have a free after-sales service and technical support.

It is a essential spot. when your devices you buy have a probelm,you can quickly find the merchant to help you solve the problem. You will use your devices without effort.

8.Consider the function of GPS car tracker to meets your needs

It is no doubt,The more functions,the high price.But we maybe just need less.At this time, you need to consider what features you need to when purchase the device.

If your order is large enough and you need very little functionality, usually this can help you save a lot. Because GPS tracker manufacturers can customize the features you need, not all the features,which you don't pay for the Insignificant function.


When you have considered 8 factors above,it’s time to invest a GPS tracker model that help you track the activity you want.

In the end,spend quality time doing some comparisons, check the prices suiting your budget, and get your ideal GPS tracker.

GPS car tracker will nust help you a lot whether you are an individual or a fleet manager.Many companies on the market  sell GPS car trackers currently, you need a pair of bright eyes.

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