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Guide to anwser some questions about gps tracker for car

Car GPS tracker manufacturer, Eelink ,GPS tracker manufacturer,has specially collected some questions about the car gps tracker and we try to deal with those problems for you.We hope to help users to better understand how to use them and what should we pay attention to at the car GPS tracker.

The vehicle GPS tracker refers to a positioning terminal device capable of querying and tracking the vehicle trajectory.It is different from the car navigation system.The car navigation system can tell you where you are and how to get the palce where you want to go.

The vehicle gps tracker needs to use the cloud server and the location platform to query the vehicle's location information, vehicle fault query, historical track query, overspeed alarm and so on. 

It has more features than car navigation system. It focuses on receiving information and transmitting it to the user's device.

Car GPS trackers are mainly used in company fleet management, insurance rental vehicle management, etc. 

Fleet management companies can also use car GPS trackers to protect from Corporate assets bus.In the process of using the car locator product, there are some problems we may meet. Here are some questions and answers.

Q:After installed the GPS tracker on my vehicle, why the positioning of my car is not accurate on the platform map?

A:There are usually several reasons for this.

1. When you installed the vehicle tracker, the vehicle is in a stationary state and the device does not transmit new location information to the server. So the old positioning data is displayed. You just make the car go out for a few minutes to update the location information.

2.You may arrive at a place where poorly-signal and your tracker cannot fully search for GPS satellite signals.It is recommended that you check if it is a signal problem and drive your car to a place where good signal.
3.check if it is a car locator installation problem, check whether the installation position of the tracker is blocked by some metal objects, which can cause your device to receive satellite signal interruption. If this problem occurs multiple times, it is recommended to adjust the installation location.
4. Check out if the SIM card is working properly.

Q: After the remote power cut of my car through the GPS positioning terminal platform, why my vehicle still drive spontaneously?

A:Please make sure that the wiring of your car GPS tracker relay is correct; in addition, the GPS tracker must be connected to the server to ensure that the vehicle is in a "stationary" or "driving" state, and the vehicle speed must be less than 20 kilometers.Tracker is offline,or the vehicle speed is higher than 20 kilometers, the tracker will not cut off the oil even if the remote power cut is successful.

Q:Send the command to the vehicle Tracker, why there is no reply or reply error?

A: This case happens due to thee SIM card and signal issues ususally. You should check the status of the SIM card:

1.Dial the number on the SIM card to see if it is owed
2. Check out whether the SIM card has a GPRS traffic plan and SMS service.
3, Whether the signal is bad in the place, whether there is a delay in the SMS gateway.

Q: Why does the data in the running statistics not match the actual situation? The mileage statistics are different from the actual mileage.

A: The running statistics function is based on the location information uploaded by the tracker to the monitoring platform. The position information of the tracker may be restricted by factors such as signal, environment, and fault.

In other words, if the tracker is offline and there is no accurate position data, the data of the running statistics may automatically retransmit some data, but this will have some errors with the actual route. Therefore, the operational statistics on the monitoring platform can only be used as a reference.

Q: Why is the trajectory of my vehicle incorrect and the drift is serious?
A: This problem is usually caused by poor satellite signals.

1.When our vehicles are driving or parking, they usually encounter tunnels, high-rise buildings, or places with more trees. In this case, the GPS signal will be weaker,even the signal reception will be completely shielded, and the gps tracking devices cannot receive signals. The device will not be tracking accurately.

2.When the GPS signal of the device is interfered or blocked, the device will automatically switch the tracking mode to LBS or WIFI positioning  The accuracy of the positioning of the two modes is different.GPS accuracy is 5-15m LBS accurancy is more than 200m.

Summary of the problem of GPS Car tracker

The above questions are the feedback left by our customers when they use the device.In the process of using the car tracker, many problems may occur,in general, the problem is controllable and solvable. 

If you encounter problems that are not covered above, we are willing to provide help for you. You can contact us for consulting. As the leading GPS tracker manufacturer in China, we have 15 years of experience in design and development, and we are confident to help you solve related problems.

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