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How to choose the right GPS vehicle tracker

When buying a GPS tracker for vehicle, we need to consider some factors.and know that why we buy tracker.

Sometimes,We have some wrong views for GPS vehicle tracker.

The more features of GPS tracker, the better? No. 

We need that the more functions the GPS tracker has, the more power it consumes. If we just only need the SOS alert,It is not wise to buy the tracker have many features.

Usually,We have a specific purpose to achieve when use GPS tracker,which requires us to purchase the devices based on own needs. For example, you only need the function of driving route track playback, or the GPS tracker that can be installed easily.Then it makes no sense to purchase the tracker that can minitor the temperature,right?

Eelink has many GPS tracking devices with different functions. View all devices. 

It is necessarily to discuss how to choose the right GPS vehicle tracker at Eelink.

Generally speaking ,the type of tracker you choose depends on what you need to do. If you would it be always real-time tracking , the wired tracker is recommended .If you don’t want to install the tracker complexly ,the wireless tracker and OBD vehicestracker will suitable for you. 

Wireless tracker,  like our MAGNETIC GPS TRACKER 3G GPT19-H ,with a long standby life , can be last 2-3 years. If you just need the tracker reports data one time per day , this device with no installation, can be easily moved among multiple locations. Also, you can hidden the tracker on anywhere of the vehicle , and it is magnetic, can be adsorbed under the vehicle when you don’t want the driver to know where it is. 

If you want to monitor a car with a cost-effective tracker, a wired vehicle tracker is your best choice. Wired 4G LTE tracker-TK419 , which gets the power from the your car’s electrical system,which make you dont worry the problem of charged.

Actually , it is relatively simple installed ,and small enough to be completely invisible inside your car,the driver will not know where it’s until you tell him. 

Also, the new model 4G TK419 tracker with multifunctional functions , such as iButton, SOS panic alarm, external battery etc. IButton gives ability for the driver authorization and identify which driver is on the road . SOS button can be used for SOS panic alert when needed , it is benefits for your GPS fleet management.

No matter what kind of tracker you choose for your vehicle ,choose a right GPS tracker to meet your needs,which will help you get the instant answers and peace of mind you need all in real time. And reduce operating costs, improve customer service outcomes, and reduce risk in your life.

If you want to monitor the temperature,the tracker with high accuracy temperature sensor will be your chiose.

All in all, we should not purchase a object blindly, the right way is to check the needs list before buying it.

You will have more option to choose the GPS tracker you need at Eelink.Each tracker have their action object.We need to remember that the right tracker have their right place.
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