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Real Time 4G LTE magnetic GPS Cargo tracking devices
Real Time 4G LTE magnetic GPS Cargo tracking devices Real Time 4G LTE magnetic GPS Cargo tracking devices Real Time 4G LTE magnetic GPS Cargo tracking devices Real Time 4G LTE magnetic GPS Cargo tracking devices
  • Real Time 4G LTE magnetic GPS Cargo tracking devices

  • Manufacturer: Eelink Communication Technology Limited
    Weight: 110g
    Service: OEM/ODM/Design
    Sensors: Light/Temperature/Humidity
    The cargo tracking devices has a wide range of application including trailer tracking, cargo container tracking, logistics management, supply chain tracking.

    the device integrates Wi-Fi, BLE5.0, shock sensors, motion sensors, light sensors, temperature sensors as well as humidity sensors.

    The device supports a variety of network type include 4G LTE cellular netwwork with multi-band include B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B8/B12/B13/B28 and so on. It is the best GPS tracking devices for cargo on the market.

    It is an ideal solution for tracking your ship cargo over the road, flight, and it can be used in the worldwile.
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  • Description

    We can design the best tracking device for cargo/shipments tracking

    This tracking device is mainly designed for cargo tracking, it can remotely monitor your cargo status and specific location, and even when the cargo is severely shaken or leaves the area you set, we can also receive alert notifications.

    The 4G LTE Cat M1 Cargo tracking device can monitor your valuable cargo remotely and real-time. If you are finding the cargo tracking solution, installing the GPS tracker is good solution.

    We needed more visibility into our cargo/shipments. Adding GPS trackers to our shipments cuts through the smoke and lets us verify where our products are instead of guessing. We build a link to our customers so they can track their cargo in real time and remotely as well. 

    The tracking device also can be used in trailer tracking,container tracking,package tracking.The Cargo tracking device built-in shock, motion sensors, light sensors, temperature sensors so on.

    The tracking device support 4G LTE Cat-M1 cellular netwwork with multi-band include B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B8/B12/B13/B28.When the device fails to search the 4G network, the network will fallback to 2G network automatically.

    the gps tracker for cargo tracking

    The GPS tracker make Cargo tracking more easier

    We have developed the tracker with compact size, rechargeable battery and configurable report period make it a good solution for one-way or round trip shipments. Shippers benefit from visibility into their delivery and supply chains. The tracking apps for iOS, Android and web make it easy to understand where your shipments are located at any time.

    Thanks to the small size desigh,you can place the tracker inside in the any cargo container for delivery.You can also configure the report.which you can choose 30-second reporting, 1-hour reporting or 1 report per day (or any variation in between!)

    We will always know the lacation where the cargo ,whereever we are. We can Get notifications when events happen like the cargo arriving at its destination.


    1. Why can our Cargo tracking device accurately collect all kinds of information

    This device has a compact design. After continuous optimization by hardware engineers, this device has built-in multiple high-end sensors such as Shock and Vibration sensors, motion sensors, light sensors, temperature / humidity sensors.

    2. How the device tracks your cargo

    When you install this device near the cargo you need to delivery, the device has a built-in high-end GPS module. Through the global positioning system, as long as the location is covered by the network, the device can collect data and transmit the data to the system server.

    3. How do I check the status of cargo?

    Once the device is working, you can remotely view the cargo information, such as cargo location information and cargo movement trajectory, through a mobile APP or computer.

    4.How i get the alert from devices

    You can set the relevant alarm conditions by yourself, such as achieve the GEO-fence function, when the goods leave the area you set up,, you can receive alert messages.Even you can achieve the vibration alert.

    5. In addition to cargo tracking, what areas can the equipment be used in?

    This device can not only track your cargo, but also can be installed on Trailer, truck. On the other hand, this is also an assets tracking device.

    Tips:the device built-in the battery,but Non-rechargeable,we have the rechargeable Battery powered gps tracker for car.

    cargo tracking and monitoring process

    What is the Benefits of device

    1.Location tracking

    2.End-to-end security

    3.Rich sensors

    4.Condition monitoring

    5.Compact size design

    6. Can be used worldwide

    The Features we can achieve:

    GPS, WI-FI, BLE Cellular-Network.

    Integrating Motion Sensor/light sensors

    One Button Activation

    Battery & External Power Options

    Waterproof (IP67)

    Shock & Vibration

    Resistant Traceable Temperature

    Resistant traceable humidity


    Asset Tracking

    Supply Chain Management

    Trailer Tracking

    Cargo tracking

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