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The Top 5 GPS tracker from Eelink in 2020 you can choose

As the top GPS trackers manufacturer globally, Eelink Communication Technology Limited has produced a variety of GPS tracking devices. Those devices have more advantages, and their scope of application may also differ. Therefore, when we choose the GPS tracker, we need to judge whether it meets our procurement requirements according to the performance of the device.

In order to encourage customers to better understand the GPS tracking device manufactured by Eelink, we have compiled a list for the best tracking device.We will introduce the top five tracking devices to you from eelink communication technology.

1.The best IoT Battery powered GPS tracker GPT46 

GPT46 is a Battery powered GPS tracker with IoT network produced by Eelink in 2020.

Its advantage is that it is easy to install and uses the way to wireless connect. GPT46 is perfect Telematics device for managing your trailer, truck. And it supports charging function. You can use it for a long time, and the quality is guaranteed

This Battery powered GPS tracker GPT46 be designed for meeting the needs of customers in IOT devices, which supports LTE cat m1, LTE CAT NB2 networks.

If you have your own IOT platform. And wantto manage your fleet to integrated the device to your platform. GPT46 will be your choice.Because the GPT46 support Eelink 2.0 protocols.our protocols can provide the API for third-party platform.

The IOT network bandwidth supported by each country may be different, which makes this device not applicable to the world, only applicable to specific countries such as the United States, Australia, Canada, which is the disadvantage of this device

2.4G Long battery life GPS tracker GPT49

Similarly, GPT49 is a long-standby time tracking device newly launched by eelink in 2020. As you know. Its biggest advantage is that it can reach five years of standby time in long standby mode, which is also a wireless installation device, which is very suitable for tracking your cargo and shipping goods.

GPT49 built-in large capacity 6500mah lithium manganese, which is the reason why the standby time is long.

Unlike the network type GPT46 support, it supports 4G/3G Network , which has a wider range of use in the world. With the phase-out of 2G networks in many countries, the GPS tracking device of 4G networks will become the dominant player in the market.Long standby time tracking device GPT49 meets the needs of many customers in improving work efficiency and asset protection.

4G Long battery life GPS tracker GPT49

3. Cheap tracking device for vehicle TK121

TK121 is a remotely shut off car engine disabling devices, which has a relay function to ensure the speed of the vehicle. It has the real-time tracking and sos features required for car tracking.

What's important is that it's cheap enough but has features. Therefore, it has become the first choice of many customers, and it has significantly reduced the cost of fleet management.

When you install the device to your car,you can know the car location real-time,and recieve alert,

remotely shut off car engine disabling devices

4. Real 4G vehicle tracking device TK419

TK419 is a true 4g car tracking device, which is one of the best car tracking devices developed by eelink. TK419 integrates many functions such as sos, ibutton, and supports external battery. His biggest advantage is that when the regional 4g signal is poor, he can automatically fallback to 3G / 2G network, which is a wired positioning device that supports 4G / 3G / 2G network.


4.1 Support GPS/ Beidou/ Glonass/ Galileo/Qzss.

4.2 GEO-fence alarm, speed & shift alarm.

4.3 USB connect with PC to configure device

4.4 ACC status detection

4.5 Support SOS(default), External battery, iButton

5.4G LTE/ NB-iot long standby asset tracking device GPT12-L with long life

GPT12-L is an IoT positioning device upgraded on the basis of GPT12, which upgrades 2G network to support 4G LTE / NB-iot network. It is ideal for protecting your assets such as luggage and valuables.

GPT12-L has a compact and samll size design, which is very portable and has a long standby time. And it has a fence alarm with car tracking units. sos and other functions, his working mode is work 3 mins per day.

The more details to view

4G LTE/ NB-iot long standby asset tracking device

The above five GPS tracking devices from Eelink are very popular devices on the market. 

They have the features to meet customers with different needs.Can the above five devices meet your needs, if not. we have more gps tracking device to view.

We need to knowe that whether it's tracking the real-time location of our vehicles or protecting our precious assets, GPS tracking devices plays an important role. It is one of the items that is worth buying, which make you peace of your mind

Can the above five devices meet your needs? if not. we have more GPS tracking device you can choose。

It is worth noting that the device that suits us is the best, so when we choose the tracking device, we first need to understand our own needs for the function of the device.

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