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The excellent asset tracker GPT46 to protect your valued assets

A good asset tracker can help you a lot, especially in terms of asset protection, you can save more energy and keep eyes on your asset anytime remotely, which only requires one device and mobile phone to achieve, if you have more Assets need to be tracked, it is necessary to build your own asset tracking system.

In this article, I will introduce you to an excellent asset tracker on the market and tell you why it is worth your purchase to track your valued asset.

asset protection to prevent the stolen

1.What is a GPS asset tracker

Asset tracker is a hardware device to install the near of asset,which named Asset tracking device .

Asset tracker is designed for postioning the location of your assets to achieve the goal that protect and tracking. Those asset include the shipping cargo, container, construction, container, truck, trailer, etc. Generally speaking, the asset trackers have built-in batteries and have the feature of long standby time.

2.How Asset tracker help us

Asset tracker can provides the real-time tracking function. By Asset tracker, you can keep eye on your assets anytime and anywhere.When your high price asset meet the urgent cases, the asset tracker can send out the instant alert to remind you taking a measures.

Good Asset tracker can also help you save more operating expenses, improve asset management efficiency, and avoid more errors. Especially when you have a high price of specialty fleet equipment, installing an asset tracker is necessary to make a peace of mind on your assets. 

It can also prevent major losses, and find better optimization measures to reduce business costs.Installing Asset tracker for your expensive assets is your first step, and then you have to find a suitable hardware device. 

Here I recommend asset tracking device GPT46 for you

3.Why choose asset tracker GPT46

GPT46 has good features and all functions that are asset tracker on the market.The asset tracker not only supports the long standby function beacuse of has a built-in high-capacity battery, but also supports the NB IoT network and IP67 waterproof.

It is a easy to install device, there is no complex installation process like a wired positioning device.It is important that the device integrates a good communication module and sensor, which guarantees the high quality of the device.

the bicycle asset

4.The features of asset tracker GPT46

4.1. Connecting the IoT technology 

The IoT (Internet of Things) era is coming , it plays an important role in transportation and logistic industry solution services, especially for vehicle and asset tracking . GPT46 adopting advanced GPS modules, which supports 4G LTE CAT M1 and NB-ioT network , the iOT technology will help to monitor the vehicle and asset more effectively and save cost ,they can connect their operations to track vehicle /asset remotely via ioT technology on their asset/fleet management systems. 

4.2.Bluetooth transmit 

GPT46 is a ideal asset tracking device , you can open Bluetooth to connect with your phone or other device , Bluetooth will help to  keep safe for asset in a short distance . 
Also,for expansion , GPT46 can connect our temperature logger Beacon via bluetooth to transmit the temperature data to server , and show on the platform , Beacon is a temperature logger work without simcard , that means GPS tracking and temperature monitoring can be achieve at the same time. 
One GPT46 device can connect with many Beacons via bluetooth , which will be great helpful in cold chain, food/flowers fresh transportation and medical blood sample temperature detection etc. 

assrt tracker for container

4.3.Built in light sensor 

Usually , most of us hope to monitor our asset more comprehensive, such as its location ,speed , history route play back etc .
GPT46 has built-in light sensor ,which is better for anti-remove of the asset .You can place the device under the asset , when there is any moving of asset or be stolen by others , there will cause a light sensor alert ,help you to detect opening the door or box behavior remotely .

5.What assets can be tracked

The asset tracker is suitable for all devices that need positioning, such as:

construction equipment
Waste disposal bins
Conex containers
Trailer chassis

Intermediate bulk containers (IBCs)

assrt tracker for cargo

In the end, the asset tracker GPT46 is your best choice in terms of equipment price and performance. If you own many expensive assets, investing in the asset tracker will save your business even more. What's more, Eelink also supports customizing your asset tracker, which is really a good thing.To start ordering the asset tracker here.

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