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Benefits of Eelink's 4G GPS Tracker

In the past, we often talked about 3G GPS tracker. With the development of technology, 4G GPS tracker has become our topic. We can ofen see that 4G device appear in the market. At the same time, we also cannot ignore the development of the NB IoT network.If you are on the tracking device business, you cannot ignore the two niche.We can clearly find that 4g tracking device will replace the 3G tracking devices to become the trend product.

We will discuss the Benefits of Eelink's 4G GPS Tracker in this article.Then you will know why 4g gps tracker is populared currently.

GPS tracker for trailer,equipment,vehicle

What is the Benefits of Eelink's 4G GPS Tracker

Eelink's 4G GPS tracker have many benefits,and you can buy it with no any worries.You can view the benefits of 4G GPS device as below.

1.Compact and Lightweight Design

The Eelink 4G GPS Tracking Device is designed by a professional hardware team with 10+ YEARS experiences.

The 4G GPS tracker has the features of Compact and Lightweight.It's easy to install the devices in our vehicle.What's more,Our 4G GPS Tracking Device can be easily hidden and not easily found.

We have an expertise in making plug and play tracking devices and GPS vehicle tracker for our customers. Our devices not only help you track real-time location, temperature,but also the driver's behavior to Reduce safety accidents.To know more  about 4G GPS tracker. 

These compact and lightweight 4G GPS tracking devices are perfect for cars and motorbikes alike. They can also serve the purpose of an anti-theft device for your vehicle.

2.Function can be customized

We can customize some functions based on customer's needs.Unlimited Text/Email Alerts, Geo-Fencing...

For example,when you need to track your vehicle in real-time,the function of Real-time Tracking is essential.

The overspeed alert is benefit for safety.There is many functions you can customize like,Geo-fence alert,ACC Detection,sos alert,ibutton,etc.

The Tk419 is the best 4G gps tracker product we have developed, covering all of these features above.

3.Use the best raw materials

We use the best communication 4G moudle and brand electronic components,sensor,which guarantee the quality of devices.

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