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Can 4g wireless tracker be installed on the tailpipe?

Not long ago, some netizens pointed out that after taking their car for maintenance, they found a 4g wireless tracker in the exhaust pipe. Because the locator was determined not to be installed by the car owner and his family, the car owner soon went to the police station to call the police. We do not know the current investigation status of the case. But there are also many netizens who have asked questions: Can the wireless locator really be installed in the tailpipe of the car?

一、The specific location of installing the GPS locator

1. Let's talk about the installation taboo of GPS locator first. First of all, GPS locators must not be installed in locations with high or low operating temperatures. Usually, the operating temperature of the GPS tracker is between -20°C and 70°C (refer to the model description of the product for the specific number). If the working temperature and humidity are too low or too high, the tracker will stop working. Therefore, the positioner is usually prevented from being installed near the cold air pipe, the roof, and the exhaust pipe.

2.The positioner cannot be installed in an excessively humid location. The working humidity of the positioner usually needs to be controlled between 20% and 80% RH (for the specific number, please refer to the model description of the product). When installing the positioner, select a location that is difficult to seep water to ensure that the terminal equipment is dry, such as preventing it from being installed under the wiper. In addition, pay attention to avoiding the air-conditioning vents to prevent the accumulation of water vapor inside the terminal equipment when the temperature difference changes, which will seriously endanger the product's service life.

3. The positioner cannot be installed in the affected position. When installing the GPS locator, it is necessary to prevent the locator from being placed with the emission source, such as parking radar, wireless walkie-talkie and other in-vehicle communication equipment. In addition, it must be ensured that the main body structure is facing upwards, and there is no metal material blocking it, and the horizontal inclination angle is controlled within 15°, which is convenient for the locator to receive signals.

二、Can the locator be installed in the exhaust pipe of the car?

Let's look at this problem in combination with the above, and we can conclude that the 4g wireless tracker cannot be installed in the tailpipe of the car.

No matter how strong the positioner is, it cannot withstand high temperature and water immersion. Install the positioner at the position of the exhaust pipe. The positioner is very easy to be soaked by rain, and as long as the vehicle is turned on, the temperature of the exhaust pipe position is higher than other positions. If it is too high, the positioner can’t bear it, and it is naturally very easy to damage.

In other words, a better locator costs a few hundred dollars. Ordinary people usually do not install the locator on the exhaust pipe.

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