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Detailed explanation of gps tracker for vehicle problems

Main features of gps tracker for vehicles

The vehicle GPS tracker consists of a global satellite positioning system and a geographic information system (GIS), which can track and locate vehicles. gps tracker for vehicles are also called car GPS locators, mainly car anti-theft GPS positioning products. The functions of the gps tracker for vehicle generally include SMS positioning, timing positioning, network query, remote monitoring, remote locking of the car, etc.

Driver safety

1. After the vehicle leaves the user's safety zone, the vehicle-mounted terminal will automatically alarm the center. If the taxi leaves the city, you can set an alarm to leave a certain place, such as company, warehouse, customer address, etc.

2. When the owner is in danger, he can press the emergency alarm button.

3. The center orders the vehicle engine to stop immediately according to the actual situation.

4. Speed alarm: preset the minimum, maximum speed and overspeed time, the vehicle speed exceeds the preset speed limit range, and the duration exceeds the preset time to trigger an alarm. Used to monitor vehicle movement and accidental parking.

Positioning function

1. The vehicle-mounted terminal automatically reports the position information of the vehicle after ignition to the monitoring center according to the time set by the manager.

2. When the vehicle runs into the blind zone of the mobile signal, the positioning data will be automatically stored, and the mobile signal will be automatically uploaded to the center after the mobile signal is restored.

3. It can play the itinerary of any time period and the status of any time period, including: time, location, speed, direction, parking time, etc. It is used to check the driving route, gas station and transportation cost information of the vehicle. The trajectory data is stored on the server, can be downloaded to the client for storage, and can be burned to a CD for storage.

4. Before entering the blind zone of the GPS signal, the last precise positioning position is always saved until the GPS module is reset.

Alarm function

1. When the car owner is in danger, he can press the emergency alarm button, and the monitoring center will receive an alarm signal.

2. The vehicle terminal will automatically notify the center when the external equipment or module fails.

3. After the GPS antenna is damaged or flooded, the vehicle-mounted terminal will automatically report the GPS antenna short-circuit warning to the center.

report function

1. Drivers can count the working hours of a month or a day or a period of time, which is one of the criteria for performance appraisal.

2. Report fuel consumption through mileage, and count daily fuel consumption and monthly fuel consumption as financial data.

3. Daily mileage can be used as financial data report, and monthly mileage can be used as financial data report.

The above content is the main feature of the gps tracker for vehicle. With the gps tracker for vehicle, if the target vehicle is stolen or robbed in an emergency, you can use your mobile phone or computer to query the location of the vehicle and track and locate the movement of the vehicle in real time. Route makes it easy for you to find your car.

Problems that need to be paid attention to in the process of purchasing a gps tracker for vehicles

1. The problem of regional adaptation of gps tracker for vehicle

Due to the differences in the equipment or system settings of the GMS system of mobile companies in various cities in China, the effects of the on-board GPS tracker terminal in different cities are very different. In some cities, even the phone cannot be connected.

2. The gps tracker for vehicle software is not working properly

When I first got in the car, everything was normal. After running for a while, problems began to occur: some functions sometimes fail. Under certain conditions, some functions can be restored by themselves, and some cannot be restored. The most serious is the crash, all The functions are disabled. Once disassembled and inspected and found that everything is good, users jokingly call these phenomena "motion sickness".

3. There are problems with the quality of the positioning hardware of the gps tracker for vehicle

After working for a period of time, the vehicle GPS tracker has no response to input and cannot perform control actions; sometimes there is no response at all. After inspection, it is found that a component has been damaged or a plug-in has fallen off.

In the process of purchasing a gps tracker for vehicle, you must pay attention to these issues. The three points summarized above are believed to be helpful to everyone. If you want to continue to understand the relevant knowledge of GPS locators, you can pay attention to China Mobile Communications Electronics. Official website, we will update it in time.

How to maintain gps tracker for vehicles

First, pay attention to waterproofing.

If the gps tracker for vehicle is installed in a very humid place in the car, the service life will be greatly shortened. Therefore, the installation should be as far away from the air-conditioning port as possible to prevent the accumulation of condensate caused by temperature difference, which will seriously affect the internal components of the terminal.

Second, stay away from dust.

The gps tracker for vehicle should be installed in a dust-free or less dusty place as much as possible. The backlog of dust covers the surface of the GSP positioner and penetrates into the equipment, affecting positioning accuracy and service life.

Third, avoid vibration.

The GPS tracker is like a mobile phone. If you shake it repeatedly, it will freeze and crash. If the same vehicle-mounted positioning terminal undergoes large vibrations for a long time, it will cause damage to electronic components and abnormal equipment.

Fourth, prevent high/low temperature.

Electronic products have a working temperature range to avoid excessively high or low temperatures. When the ambient temperature exceeds the normal operating temperature range of the terminal, it is recommended to cut off the power supply;

Fifth, prevent electronic interference.

There are many electronic devices in the car, such as navigation, stereo, walkie-talkie and so on. This will cause certain interference to the vehicle GPS tracker, resulting in signal instability and positioning offset. Therefore, keep away from these electronic devices in the car during installation.

Learning the maintenance methods of the above five gps tracker for vehicles can prolong the service life of the gps tracker for vehicles and ensure the safety of themselves and the car.

Which built-in cards are usually used in gps tracker for vehicles

SIM card: The user needs to go to China Mobile Unicom's business hall to purchase and use it under real name. It has both data and can send text messages.

Traffic card: not only provides traffic services. The data card package is in accordance with the package rules of the operator who issued the card. When purchasing the card, consult the package tariffs of traffic and SMS, and the renewal time.

IOT card: IOT card only has data flow, no SMS service, and it won’t matter if you send SMS by mistake when using IOT card.

People's living standards are much higher than before, and many families have also bought cars. Installing GPS is not only for car owners to guard against theft, but also, when the driver does not need to make a phone call while driving, he can check the status of the vehicle before the gear by logging in his account, which plays a certain role for safe driving. The price of gps tracker for vehicle is not expensive, the average price of ordinary equipment is between 200-300, the standby time is also very long, and there are many functions. You can use the gps tracker for vehicle to add a layer of safety protection to your car.

Classification and description of the start-up status of the gps tracker for vehicles

If you are not a GPS locator industry technician, it is difficult to think that the car GPS locator used in daily life will have three different starting states: cold start, hot start and warm start. These three states are the same as those of the car GPS locator. Operation and online positioning are closely related. These three starting states are actually working modes produced in actual applications, not produced in the principle of GPS.

The first thing to discuss is the hot start state. If the interval between the vehicle GPS tracker and the last shutdown is less than 120 minutes, that is, within two hours, the vehicle GPS tracker will save the vehicle position before the last shutdown and the visible satellite positions in the area, and retain the current time, almanac and satellite. Historical data of the calendar. In the hot start state, the gps tracker for vehicle is online, and the positioning speed is very fast, usually within one minute.

Let's talk about the warm start state. If the on-board GPS tracker is more than 120 minutes from the last shutdown, that is, more than two hours, the on-board GPS tracker will also retain the current time, almanac, and ephemeris historical data. However, after the GPS locator restarts, the GPS locator will calculate based on the final position and reconnection data to regain the new visible satellite position. In the warm start state, the starting and positioning speed of the vehicle GPS tracker is also very fast, usually within three minutes.

Finally, there are many scenarios for the cold start state. The first scenario is the first use of the gps tracker for vehicle I just bought; the second is when the gps tracker for vehicle is not used for a long time, it may last for several months. The third scenario is that the distance between the current position of the GPS locator and the last position exceeds 1,000 kilometers. In these three cases, the vehicle GPS tracker may have cleared all historical data records. When GPS starts, you need to retry to receive data such as time, almanac, and ephemeris, and re-lock the visible satellite positions in the area. In the cold start state, the on-board GPS tracker is very slow to go online and locate, and it usually takes a long time to regain data and lock the position.

Under what circumstances will the gps tracker for vehicles have an offline alarm

1. Due to a problem with the SIM card

If the gps tracker for vehicle works in a special environment, it will cause damage or deformation of the SIM card body. For example, some construction vehicles work in a high temperature environment, if the equipment card is a colloidal ordinary card, it is easy to deform and damage at high temperature. As a result, the SIM card cannot work normally and the device is offline.

2. GPS equipment is in the signal blind zone

Offline alarms caused by signals like this are common because the platform cannot receive information from the GPS locator. This situation is very simple. After leaving the signal difference zone, it will return to normal after receiving the signal.

If the SIM card is in poor contact or damaged, you need professional help to check it. If the card body is damaged, ask the manufacturer to reinstall one. If you are not a professional, do not change the card easily to avoid damage to the equipment.

3. the equipment is due or in arrears

The SIM card of the gps tracker for vehicle expires, or is in arrears, or the data package changes, which will also cause offline devices. The way to deal with these situations is to contact the supplier after-sales service to check whether the arrears will be shut down, or the change in the flow package fee will cause the flow to be unusable. If there is arrears, the recharge and payment can be used again.

4. the GPS tracker is out of power and causes problems

When the gps tracker for vehicle is out of power, it will also cause the device to go offline. In the case of wired equipment, the wiring may be loose, or the equipment may be installed on a non-electrical circuit of the car. The equipment is installed in a non-electrical circuit. As the vehicle is powered off, the equipment will not be able to supply power normally. Therefore, a power failure alarm or insufficient power will appear. When the vehicle starts normally, the equipment will return to normal. This may be connected to a very electric circuit. If it is a wireless device, check whether the battery of the device is insufficient and it is offline. If the battery is dead, charge it or replace the battery.

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