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A weapon to prevent car loss-mini hidden GPS tracker

The Mini Hidden GPS Tracker is based on the GSM/GPRS network and GPS satellite positioning system, which locates or monitors remote targets through short messages or mutual contacts. It has mileage statistics, ACC detection function, power failure alarm function, compatible with the original car anti-theft device: the device also alarms after the car anti-theft device alarms, and informs the owner through SMS.

Mini hidden GPS tracker application range

1. Personal travel, outdoor sports and wild adventure

2. Various levels of geodetic surveys, control surveys

3. Lifesaving lost in the wild

4. Car rental/small fleet management.

5. Global satellite positioning, vehicle location query, real-time monitoring, and timing tracking.

6. Remotely cut off oil and power to track crimes.

7. Command of vehicles in various industries

Main functions of Mini Hidden GPS Tracker

1. Positioning tracking: real-time positioning of terminal equipment through the platform or mobile phone to understand the operating status of the equipment. The positioning platform is determined according to customer requirements.

2. Emergency trigger alarm: When an emergency occurs in a vehicle equipped with terminal equipment, an alarm will be issued for help.

3. Remote control of oil circuits and circuits: control the oil circuits and circuits of vehicles with terminal equipment through mobile phone text messages anytime and anywhere.

4. Remote monitoring: dial the mobile phone number in the terminal device, and then you can monitor the sound within 5 meters around the terminal device anytime and anywhere.

5. Mileage statistics, ACC detection function, power failure alarm function.

6. Speeding alarm: send text messages to the device via mobile phone to activate the speeding alarm function. When the speed of the vehicle with the terminal device exceeds the set speed, it will

Send SMS notifications.

7. After the car's anti-theft device alarms, the device also alarms and informs the owner of the car via SMS.

8. Obtaining latitude and longitude by mobile phone: The longitude and latitude of the vehicle where the device is installed can be obtained through the mobile phone.

9. Restart the system remotely: send text messages through the mobile phone to restart the terminal device.

10. Set the positioning interval: Set the interval of the data transmission platform through the mobile phone. The transmission interval can also be set through the platform, depending on whether the platform supports this function

Features of Mini Hidden GPS Tracker

For field trips, adventure enthusiasts and surveying and mapping workers, the mini hidden GPS tracker is an indispensable tool for them. However, as a category of digital products, the development of the mini hidden GPS tracker market has enabled some professional handheld positioning products to gradually expand in terms of channels, and the price range is gradually expanding. The mini hidden GPS tracker is small in size, easy to carry, stylish in appearance, and has a variety of colors and styles. It can meet the needs of all ages regardless of men and women.

1. Small appearance

2. Powerful

3. Strong anti-interference

4. Running more stable

How to choose a mini hidden GPS tracker

1. Excellent quality, complete certification, safety first

When choosing GPS navigation products, the configuration of software and hardware is very important. Generally speaking, the hardware configuration of professional brand manufacturers is more trustworthy. Some copycat GPS manufacturers often fabricate hardware configurations, and it is difficult to guarantee product quality in terms of LCD screens, GPS chips, and processors. Their entire production process of GPS products is nothing more than simple integration and assembly of some hardware. The hardware configuration of regular GPS manufacturers often has to go through layers of checks, and must pass the ISO quality production standard certification.

2. Excellent brand, guaranteed after-sales service, trustworthy

In fact, the importance of the brand far exceeds the others. As the satellite navigation industry in my country is a high-tech industry in the developing stage, only those professional manufacturers who have worked in the market for many years can guarantee the leading advantages in product technology, and at the same time have the funds and strength to provide users with comprehensive and excellent service guarantees. .

The price of the product and after-sales service are also the main factors to consider when buying a product. Consumers all hope to buy products of high quality and low price, but the result may not be what they want. Many mini gps trackers products on the market are "cheap" but not "good quality". Therefore, I would like to remind consumers not to be blinded by simple abnormal low prices when purchasing products. For navigation products that are closely related to your own driving and travel, you must not hesitate to pay for your own "travel safety".

Mini hidden GPS tracker will enter a period of rapid development

The demand for accurate inquiry of destinations and surrounding environment has driven the prosperity of the GPS navigation product market. According to relevant statistics, the penetration rate of navigation equipment in European and American countries has reached 90%, and that in Japan has exceeded 95%. A professional survey on the prospects and creativity of 3G applications showed that 17.79% of the respondents chose 3G network video conversations, and 15.34% of the respondents chose GPS/map search. When the 3G era is approaching, people are more concerned about GPS. /The attention of electronic map is enough to show its importance to daily life.

In addition, consumption and market demand also promote the development and maturity of the navigation industry. In 2005, the number of civilian cars in my country reached 31.6 million, but the number of vehicles with navigation equipment was less than 2%. Although many car manufacturers have installed navigation systems for their high-end models before they leave the factory, and have optional navigation products for other low-end models, the expensive car navigation system makes many car buyers give up Practical navigation configuration. According to the calculation of the average annual growth rate of private car ownership of 20%, the demand for navigation products is also a large increase.

In Japan, the penetration rate of the car navigation market increased from 0.4% in 1992 to 33% in 2000, and now it reaches 50%. The EU car navigation market was launched later than Japan. By 2004, the market penetration rate of car navigation devices had reached 12%. If the development pace of China's car navigation system market is similar to that of Japan and the European Union, the market penetration rate of car navigation systems will reach 10% by 2009, and the market for mini hidden GPS trackers will develop much faster than the market of car navigation systems. . Therefore, some analysts believe that mini hidden GPS trackers will be like MP3, digital cameras and other daily consumer appliances. The market will develop much faster than the car navigator market. China will eventually become the world's largest mini hidden GPS. Country of consumption of the tracker.

How to troubleshoot mini hidden GPS trackers hidden inside and outside the car

Mini Hidden GPS Tracker is a miniature device that relies on Global Positioning System (GPS) and cellular network to track the location of cars or trucks in real time. Although not all GPS car trackers are designed to be hidden, most of them are small and easily overlooked by untrained eyes. In fact, many of these GPS devices are smaller than a deck of cards.

Check the mini hidden GPS tracker on the outside of the vehicle

Although a small gps tracker for car can be hidden anywhere, these devices are usually hidden in a relatively easily accessible location. Therefore, to find a mini hidden GPS tracker in your car, the first step is to visually inspect the hidden locations that people can reach quickly and effortlessly.

The most common place to hide the mini hidden GPS tracker is in the wheel well, which is also a relatively easy-to-check location. With your flashlight, you have to check the inner front and rear wheel wells. You may need to use a retractable mirror to get a good look, or you can use your hands to feel the places you can't see.

If you notice that the hard plastic wheel well liner is loose, try to peel it back and look or feel inside. Maybe someone loosened the cord to tie a magnetized tracker to the frame or body behind it.

Your flashlight and telescopic mirror will also come in handy when checking the underside of the car. If you have a crawler and the ground clearance is large enough, you can even slide under the vehicle for a more thorough inspection. Focus on the places where it is easy to hide the tracker without spending too much time and effort, and remember that the tracker may be covered by dust and dirt on the road.

The tracker can also be hidden under or in the bumper. You will also need a flashlight and mirror for a thorough inspection. In some cases, you may have to reach into the bumper to touch it.

Although the tracker can be hidden in the cabin, this is not common. If someone can get into your car and open the hood, they are more likely to just hide the device in the car.

Check the mini hidden GPS tracker inside the vehicle

Since mini hidden GPS trackers are very small, they can be hidden anywhere in a car or truck. You will want to focus on such a place where the device can hide quickly, but this doesn't always work.

Although the most discreet trackers are battery-powered, the simpler trackers are designed to plug directly into the car’s data connector. Therefore, if you can find the data connector, it is usually found under the dashboard near the driver's leg, and it has something inserted in it, which is a direct cause of concern.

If you haven't noticed anything obvious, you will want to use your flashlight and mirror to check under the seat, under and behind the dashboard, the storage compartments inside and behind, and in the center console. Trackers can also be hidden in seat pockets, between seats, behind sun visors and other places.

One of the difficulties in locating a GPS tracker hidden in a car is that it may be mixed with other components. For example, a small module like a power door lock can easily be mistaken for something more evil.

If someone is determined not to let their surveillance equipment be discovered, they may even hide the tracker in a cushion, behind a door panel, or other similar places.

These devices can also be hidden in the backbone. If you have a spare tire, you will want to disassemble and inspect it. At that time, you can also peel off the trunk liner so that you can easily hide a mini hidden GPS tracker.

Use bug cleaner to locate mini hidden GPS tracker

Electronic cleaners, also known as bug detectors, are handheld devices that can detect electromagnetic signals, just like those used in radio transmitters and cell phones. This type of equipment can be purchased from where you find the GPS tracker, or you can buy it where you have suitable spare parts around you. Since bug cleaners rely on detection transmissions, they are useless in finding passive GPS trackers. However, they can greatly assist in finding well-concealed activity trackers. When the bug detector locates a suspicious signal, it usually lights up, vibrates, or buzzes to let you know.

In some cases, you may encounter a tracker that only transmits data when the vehicle is moving. When the vehicle is stopped, this type of tracker remains passive, and the bug remover cannot detect it. So, if you didn't find anything at first, you might want someone else to operate your car while you are staring at the bug detector.

What to do when you find a hidden GPS tracker

Most hidden GPS trackers are battery-powered and secured by magnets or tape. If you find one of them, all you have to do is to pull it away and you are done. The same is true for trackers plugged into diagnostic connectors or cigarette lighter sockets.

In more rare cases, the GPS tracker is hard-wired to the power supply and the ground, and you may need to seek professional help.

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