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Features of vehicle tracker

4G GPS vehicle tracker is a high-performance, multi-functional excellent vehicle tracking device, it is easy to install. Upload data through the GPRS/WCDMA/LTE FDD network, and through a powerful service platform, you can realize real-time remote positioning and control of the vehicle. Through this device, you can easily manage your vehicle in real time.

With this device, you can easily manage your vehicle in real time.

4G GPS tracker

Through a powerful service platform, real-time remote positioning and control of vehicles can be realized. It plays an important role in logistics and fleet management, helping customers achieve management transparency, reduce costs, ensure safety, and improve efficiency.

  • Timing positioning:

The device can report the current location information of the device regularly according to the user's preset time, and overspeed alarm: when the vehicle speed exceeds the preset speed, an alarm sound will be issued.

  • Network query:

By accessing the "Eye of the Sky" system, you can track the current state of the vehicle and the replay of the trajectory within a set time period.

  • Power monitoring: 

The vehicle power supply is the main source, and the backup lithium battery power supply is the auxiliary. When the main power supply is short, the user will be notified by a text message and the backup power supply will be automatically activated.

One-key alarm: In an emergency, press the emergency alarm button for 3 seconds, and the device will automatically send text messages and make calls to authorized preset numbers for help.

  • Remote monitoring:

The 4G GPS vehicle tracker can dial the device number at any time for the authorized number to monitor the sound around the vehicle in real time, and remotely fortify: remotely fortify and disarm through millions of password levels.

  • Remote lock car:

By sending a mobile phone text message to the device to set the vehicle to disconnect the oil circuit and circuit command, the vehicle oil circuit and circuit can be controlled to achieve the purpose of locking the car.

4g gps vehicle tracker

It is an advanced 4G vehicle GPS tracker.

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