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Application of GPS in the automotive field

The GPS system is mainly composed of three parts, namely the space part, the ground monitoring part and the user part. The corresponding specific equipment is the GPS satellite constellation, the ground support system and the GPS receiver. Among them, the space part includes 24 satellites surrounding the earth. These satellites operate in a total of six orbits and continuously receive and send signals to and from the ground.

The main function of the ground monitoring system is to monitor and control the entire system to ensure its normal operation. The GPS receiver mainly receives signals sent by satellites and calculates its own location. Since the signals from more than four satellites can be received at any position on the earth, the GPS receiver can calculate its own position.

GPS has applications in car stability control. In the process of driving, a car must rely on yaw stability and rollover stability to maintain its safety performance. Otherwise, sideways, sideslip, and inability to steer will happen from time to time, and even serious consequences of rollover will occur.

If GPS technology is applied to a car stability test instrument, it will be able to perform real-time measurement of multiple motion variables during the vehicle driving process, such as driving trajectory, distance, orientation, sideslip, speed, acceleration, etc. If a more accurate differential GPS technology is used, it can also make the measurement of motion parameters reach a more accurate order of magnitude.

GPS also has applications in driving safety and transportation management. At present, in China, the most widely used GPS system is the monitoring and dispatching of transportation vehicles. According to incomplete statistics so far, GPS positioning equipment has been installed in more than 10,000 road transportation vehicles, and it shows The trend of gradual expansion and expansion. GPS positioning equipment can provide better travel route planning and navigation for transportation vehicles, which is convenient for the command center to command, dispatch and monitor the entire transportation system. It can also strengthen the safety protection of transportation vehicles and strengthen the management of all transportation vehicles.

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