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What problems can 4g wireless tracker solve for the logistics industry?

Nowadays, the development trend of e-commerce platforms is gradually becoming faster, the products are gradually diversified, and the scope has also achieved internationalization, so the development trend of logistics and freight has also risen to a period of vigorous acceleration. However, the rapid development of the overall industry will inevitably have some problems. Today's logistics industry has higher and higher requirements for the delivery speed, efficiency and deployment of freight vehicles, but the overall service quality needs to be improved, and the effective connection of all aspects of work has also become a problem. Some problems seem to be normal, but they are actually pathological in the industry. If the service does not keep up with the development trend, there will always be relatively backward companies in this industry that are eliminated and have to withdraw from the market.

As a for-profit company, what major companies in the logistics industry need most is to reduce operating costs to the highest degree and satisfy users as much as possible. Only in this way can the corresponding sustainable market and market opportunities be obtained. However, most of the current logistics companies have the following problems.

High logistics costs, low vehicle usage, poor management and control of logistics freight vehicle drivers (even illegal operations that endanger the company’s rights and interests), uneven service quality of courier boys, and freight transportation times that sometimes exceed reasonable plans; For example, some of the problems encountered are: the delivery of the goods is not timely, the integrity of the goods cannot be guaranteed, and the courier is rudely treated by the courier.

For vehicle management, 4g wireless tracker is always the best choice. The same is true in the logistics industry. The problems mentioned above can be effectively solved by 4g wireless tracker. Let's start with the logistics company's perspective:

The logistics cost is high, and the cost is basically spent on fuel costs, high-speed fees, and the driver's salary. The normal cost is an unavoidable cost. What 4g wireless tracker can ensure is to remove some extra costs. For example, today's freight drivers assume that they are not their own vehicles, and many of them use public vehicles and money to do their own personal affairs. Stealing oil, falsely reporting high-speed fares, and taking other goods by the way. The 4g wireless tracker can remotely monitor the oil level change and the running track in the background, where the driver has been, how long it has been used, and where the driver has stayed can be found out. The manager can make a reasonable work scheduling plan and scheduling according to the data collected in the background to prevent the above violations from occurring.

In addition, the electronic fence control and several alarm functions of the locator can not only supervise the driver's work to ensure its regularity, but also help supervise the driver's safe driving and ensure the safety factor of the driver and the goods.

On the customer side, it is necessary to enhance the professional training of courier brothers, enhance the integration of corporate culture concepts, and improve service quality. It is necessary to implement the reward and punishment system, so that it can bring a vigilance to the standardization of work.

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