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What are the powerful functions of 4g wireless tracker?

Under normal circumstances, companies focusing on automotive applications will install vehicle GPS positioning monitoring systems for cars, such as bus groups, car rental companies, logistics and freight companies, auto loan companies, and so on. The most direct statement is that all companies with cars need 4g wireless tracker, because every car faces the risk of theft, even the car and the goods are stolen. Compared with the value of stolen vehicles, the price of GPS devices is very low, so it is a must-have product for car companies.

4g wireless tracker and its functions are under continuous development. In the future, it will integrate big data, cloud computing and other functions to provide more complete and comprehensive services to help customers reduce the risk of vehicle loss and vehicle escape.

The role and type of 4g wireless tracker:

1. Early warning of abnormal vehicle phenomenon. Once the vehicle exceeds the normal area, an alarm will be prompted immediately, so that customers can immediately pay attention to the abnormal phenomenon to prevent the vehicle from being stolen.

2. Real-time positioning of the vehicle's geographic location, complete vehicle positioning every 10 seconds, and accurately grasp the vehicle's geographic location.

3. Financial supervision. According to the collected information, and explain the driver's behavior, set up electronic fences, administrative areas, risk points, second security points, etc. If the vehicle leaves the normal driving area, an alarm will be sent immediately to prevent the vehicle from driving out of the controllable area. , reduce the rate of fraudulent loans and bad loans.

4. Vehicle tracking and supervision, 24-hour tracking of the vehicle's geographic location, and supervision of the vehicle's driving environment at all times.

5. Vehicle driving trajectory playback, data statistical analysis, behavioral performance analysis, etc. All of the above are based on vehicle driving habits, such as data collection provided by driving routes, to capture some information of drivers.

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