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What are the benefits of installing a car locator device for cargo transportation enterprises?

Recent years can be said to be the rise of e-commerce, but in rapid development at the same time also exposed a lot of problems, such as goods transportation information feedback is not timely left a bad impression on customers and so on. Nowadays, cargo transportation enterprises generally install car locator devices and use locators and management platforms to make cargo transportation more intelligent. In this way, cargo flow and scheduling can be fully controlled, cost can be effectively reduced, and service quality can be improved.

So what are the benefits of using the car locator device for cargo transportation enterprises?

Real-time control of cargo status

Using the real-time monitoring, track query, and mileage statistics functions provided by the car locator device (such as EelinkS208), enterprises can learn about the status and movement of transported goods in real time, calculate the estimated arrival time, and provide accurate logistics query information for customers.

Improve anti-theft performance

In order to prevent theft of goods, vehicles or gasoline, enterprises can also install a car locator device on trucks to improve anti-theft performance. Enterprises can use the car locator device's fence alarm, power failure alarm, illegal door/starting vehicle alarm, and remote shutdown functions to put a "protective cover" on the vehicle, and combined with management platforms such as Eelink "Instant Location" to fully control the status of transport vehicles.

Improve employee efficiency

car locator devices can also help cargo transportation enterprises improve the working efficiency of employees. Some car locator devices are equipped with a remote monitoring function, which greatly reduces mobile phone communication costs and enables them to monitor the whole process of cargo transportation at any time.

The car locator device helps cargo transportation enterprises improve operating efficiency and benefits. However, before purchasing a car locator device, check product quality and manufacturer qualifications.

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