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What can a GPS tracker do?

1. Use GPS location tracker to locate and track your important assets. Let you no longer worry about the loss of items, no longer worry about the heart.
2. When your student leaves school without authorization, you can quickly know when your student leaves school and when he returns home through the GPS locator-these will be automatic real-time notifications.
3. Using the GPS tracker fence alarm function, you can set the object safe area, when someone, vehicle or object enters or leaves any area you choose, the "Geofence" alarm will immediately notify you via text or email. fast and convenient
4. Get the current location of your vehicle or the entire fleet, where the driver is driving, and where you are going to go, you will know in real time.
5. Worried about your child or husband driving too fast? Install a GPS tracker in the car. When the car exceeds your limit and is driving at a speed, you can get an alert in time, and you can immediately send a notification to remind the driver to pay attention to safety. Isn't it cool? Even if he has trouble driving, he only needs to press the built-in emergency button, and he will get a response and help within a few seconds.
6. Track your valuables or your company's valuables, such as from artwork to jewelry, to various company goods. Any "assets" you need to monitor can be instantly locked via GPS trackers. In the event of an abnormality, when an item moves, you will get a text or email alert the first time-and track its moving path through a powerful GPS monitoring platform.

Use customized asset GPS tracking solutions to monitor and manage your precious assets and reduce company assets or cost losses. By tracking assets such as jewellery, medicines and bulky goods, when assets are stolen, you can arrest suspects through the locator and bring them to justice more effectively. And you can access any place on the network (including any computer, tablet or mobile device) to obtain real-time and historical location information.

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