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The Long battery life GPS tracker in 2020 you should not miss

In GPS hardware device market, many GPS tracker companies will advertise that they own the best Long battery life GPS tracker, but it is real ? when we listen to this,we should be careful and  identify. Because not all slogans are authentic.

If you really need a GPS tracker with Long Battery Life in 2020, you shouldn't miss this post, I will introduce you the most competitive Long battery life GPS tracker in 2020. As the customer be interested in GPS tracker, you should not miss.

I will briefly introduce this 4G Long battery life GPS tracker from Eelink company to you.You will learn:

1. How Does the Long Battery Life GPS Tracking Device Work?

2.Why Long Battery Life is important for GPS tracker

3.How long does the GPS tracker battery last?

4.The prons and cons of long battery life GPS tracker

5.Compare with GPS GSM tracker long battery life TK915 

You can look at the features,specifications in this page: 4G GPS tracker Long battery life GPT49.

4G GPS tracker Long battery life GPT49

1. How Does the Long Battery Life GPS Tracker Work?

Actually it is simple to tell the working principle of long battery life GPS tracking device. 

Once you install the device on the vehicle or object you need to track,and  put on the device in the boot mode, it will strat to collect the location information of the object well. The device integrates a module that can receive the location data of from the positioning system like GPS Beidou,etc. We should know this: It is the premise to make the device work well that is there are GPS signal in the place where Object motion. 

After the device collects the location data of vehicles or assets, these data will be saved in the form of data packets, and finally these data packets will be automatically sent to the GPS tracker platform that receives the data. Finally, the platform presents these data in our vision in the form of table or text in the GPS tracking APP.

In addition, the high-capacity battery embedded in the device ensures the long standby time of the device.

We can think of this Long Battery Life GPS Tracker as a GPS receiver, and then all we need to do is extract the information received by the device to make us see, so we need a platform to deal with information and the corresponding APP to show up the data.

Now we can see that 3 important factors to make the Long Battery Life GPS Tracker Work well is that a hardware device with a high-capacity battery; a GPS tracking platform that receives data packets;an APP that show up data.

Generally speaking,The package data includes: location information, driving records, route trajectory, etc.Based on the needs of customers,more datas maybe included.

The Long Battery Life GPS Tracker has all the vehicle locator functions and supports multiple types of cellular networks like GSM/WCDMA/LTE.

GPS Tracker Work principle

2.Why Long Battery Life is important for GPS tracker

Obviously,If the GPS tracker you purchased has a long standby time, which will save you much time and save decrease more troubles.

If you install the GPS tracker with Long Battery Life, which means that you don't need to charge the device frequently, this can save you a lot of trouble and time.Our time should be fully utilized to foucs on the important things .

What is more, Long Battery Life GPS tracker has built-in battery, no need for wired connection, and it is very easy to install.So we can say that Battery life for GPS tracker is really important thing that you dont need to consider much .

If GPS tracker achieve the Long standby time,which must require the GPS need a high-capacity battery,then the battery Provide power to the device.

Note:Generally, Battery life is generally related to battery capacity. We have to be wary of false information. We need to carefully identify such descriptions: GPS tracker with the longest battery life but small; the longest battery life GPS tracker.

3.How long does the GPS tracker battery last?

The maximum standby time of the device is up to 5 years, depending on the operation mode of the device. If you only need to locate once a day, it is no problem to keep 5 years of standby time, otherwise, the much time device work, the standby time is shorter.

We should know that if you want to keep track your car in real time, the GPS trackers ususally will not be able to provide 6 months or a year of continuous tracking. When you see such a announcement:real-time GPS tracker with a standby time of up to one year, You should be careful about the wallet in your pocket.

4.The prons and cons of long battery life GPS tracker

PROS: the GPS devices is not only easy to install, cheap, reasonable design but also supports type network 4G /3G /2G network
CONS: NB IoT network is not supported, the number of positioning times per day is limited

5.Compare with long battery life GPS tracker TK915

What features the long life gps tracking device GPT49 Compare with TK915.

5.1. The TK915 standby time is about 120 days with 10000mAh Battery, GPT49 use 6500mAh low self-discharge lithium manganese Battery with 5 years standby time in long standby mode

5.2.They have the similar function like Geo-Fence alert, Movement Alert, Shake / motion alert, Over Speed Alert and Low Battery Alarm.

5.3.The TK915 only supports GSM / GPRS (2G) But Finding a 2G SIM card was not easy. Many operators eliminated the 2G network. For example, ATT have decommissioned their 2G network. The is a limitation. But GPT49 can support 2G / 3G / 4G network at the same time.

5.4. The long life gps tracking device's price is affordable, and GPS tracker software without monthly fee

The long life GPS tracker TK915 test video


Regardless of device price, function, and application, The long life gps tracking device GPT49 will be your best choice in 2020.

The company that manufactures this is also very respectable. They have been committed to producing high-level positioning equipment to meet customer needs.

No doubt it will be a wise decision to invest in the small GPS tracker with long battery life.

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