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gps tracker for car helps car rental companies reduce the risk of vehicle loss

Recently, there was an illegal mortgage incident in the luxury car rental business in Suzhou, Wuxi and Changzhou. Fortunately, the police used the GPS last uploaded location information combined with the urban public video system to quickly arrest the suspect and retrieve the vehicle, allowing the company to avoid the loss of assets worth tens of millions. .

In the car rental industry, fraudulent incidents such as vehicle theft, loss, and secondary mortgage have emerged one after another. The rental company can implement vehicle risk control management through gps tracker for car + car location service platform.

1. Real-time monitoring by wired gps tracker

The wired gps tracker is correctly connected to the car battery to realize real-time monitoring of the vehicle position. The device has a built-in Beidou + GPS dual-mode positioning antenna, which is small and can be hidden in different places in the vehicle. After the vehicle is parked, the GPS is turned off, but the locator can still remain online. The built-in 5 mA battery will not burden the car battery. If the locator is maliciously removed or a low voltage occurs, the device will automatically upload alarm information and pass TTL. /RS485 communication external breaker is used to remotely lock the vehicle to prevent theft.

2. Emergency backup of wireless gps tracker

The wireless gps tracker for car uses a large-capacity battery to achieve long-term battery life. It can be installed in different places in the vehicle through 3M glue or strong magnetic adsorption, without wiring, and is highly secretive. Once a day is located, it can stand by for 3-5 years. Combined with the anti-counterfeiting base station function, it can effectively prevent malicious detection and search and reduce the risk of being dismantled. In an emergency, it can also quickly locate and find a car through SMS, mobile phone APP, and computer web terminal.

3. Car GPS tracking platform

After the GPS tracking platform is bound to the car location service platform, managers can realize multi-vehicle real-time status viewing, location tracking, historical trajectory playback, multiple alarm settings (over speed, electronic fence, disassembly, low battery), mileage, and stay time anytime and anywhere Report output such as location, and unified management of equipment inventory status and SIM card battery life.

Open communication protocol and API interface

In view of the situation that some customers want GPS devices to directly connect to their own servers, they can program and modify the receiving analysis program by themselves, add the communication protocol to their own platform, and then they can directly control and receive the data of the GPS locator, save and process the data by themselves, so that the data is It does not pass through a third-party server, nor will it be stored on a third-party server.

If the company’s own IT team is not familiar with smart device control, it can also directly customize the API calling the server to implement vehicle device monitoring, real-time location, historical trajectory, and various reports. The method of API calling can quickly realize device access to the same one. The platform performs monitoring and management without requiring complex code development or expansion of its original server. It is an easy way to quickly build a location service platform.

How to remotely turn off the vehicle disable device

Whether it is a car rental company, an enterprise or a car owner, in order to prevent the vehicle from being stolen, they will deliberately choose a car gps tracker for car with remote fuel and electricity function, but when companies or users use the equipment, they occasionally encounter the failure to cut off the fuel. In the case of electricity, the following provides you with some troubleshooting methods and the correct use of the oil and electricity function.

1. How can the oil and electricity be cut off remotely?

The user can trigger the fuel and electricity cutoff function in two ways: one is to issue instructions directly on the computer platform or the mobile client, and the other is to set the mobile phone number as the central number to issue fuel and electricity cutoff instructions.

2. How to correctly wire the gps tracker for car?

First of all, the red wire is connected to the long power supply positive pole of the car, the black wire is grounded, and the orange wire is connected to the ACC wire of the keyhole is the wire where the car key is turned on and turned off. Secondly, if you want to cut off the oil and electricity, you need to connect the following wires. The yellow wire of the device is connected to the yellow wire of the relay, and the white wire of the relay is connected to the long power supply positive wire on the car or connected to the green wire of one of the relays to the oil pump. The cut-off positive wire is connected to the cut-off ends of the two green wires.

3. What are the conditions for the platform to cut off oil and electricity? Why can't the car be broken while driving?

After ensuring that the wiring is correct and the device is normally online, the gps tracker for car software restricts the presence of hidden traffic problems when the vehicle is driving. When the driving speed exceeds 20km/h, the fuel and electricity cannot be cut off, and the speed is less than 20km/h. Execute the power-off instruction.

4. How to check if the oil and electricity cannot be cut off?

First of all, cut off the positive electrode of the oil pump control line that you found, and don't connect the relay to see if the car can fire. If it fails, it proves that the line is correct. If it can ignite, the oil pump control line to be broken is found wrong. Secondly, connect the relay. Don’t connect the yellow wire to see if the car can start. If it can’t, first check whether the two ends of the oil control line are closed. If it is closed, it can ignite, and then connect the white relay. Positive, the yellow signal wire is grounded. Whether the two green wires can be disconnected depends on whether the car cannot catch fire. If it fails to catch fire, it proves that both the relay and the wiring are correct. After checking and issuing the command oil and electricity, the yellow line of the equipment does not output negative information, causing the oil and electricity to fail.

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