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The info you should know before buying Eelink‘s GPS Tracking Device

When purchasing GPS tracking devices, you can choose multiple channels, such as device manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, retailers. The service content of each purchasing channels may be different. If you are an individual user, it is better to choose a reliable tracking device retailer like Amazon, but if your company needs to bulk order tracking units, it is very important to choose a reliable GPS tracker manufacturer. This article tell you how to find good GPS tracker manufacturer

So Purchasing tracking device from a trustworthy manufacturer means that the product quality is guaranted and the price is affordable. Eelink Communication technology Limited is such a GPS tracker manufacturer you can choose.

In this article, we will introduce you to Eelink company, and you will know why you should choose it as your GPS tracker manufacturer, and how to choose Eelink ’s tracking devices well to meet your needs.

Eelink Communication Technology Limited is a TOP GPS tracking device manufacturer incorporated in 2004 in China .The company offers a full range of GPS tracking devices and One-stop service for fleet tracking solution for customers.

Eelink has been delivering complete GPS tracking solutions.,foucs on manufacturing high quality fleet/Asset tracking device include wired device,wireless OBD tracking device and magnetic GPS tracker,which has helped more than 30,000 distributors run their businesses more efficiently and successful. Click the image To View More Details About Eelink

Eelink’s factory

The 7 reasons you should choose Eelink as your GPS tracker manufacturer

1.Provide very affordable price,no hidden price,NO month Fees

2.Free to use our tracking platform.You also can choose third-party tracking platform .

3.Offer unlimited Technical support 

4.Free, unlimited, customer support,after-sales service.

5.Support the product test

6.One to one sales service and provide the APL to integrate Eelink 2.0 protocols

7.Quality assurance of products to make you relax.The device quality is guaranted.

the worker are in the device manufacture factory

After you have selected the device manufacturer, it is necessary to clearly connect what type of tracking devices the company produces.A company capable of producing multiple types of equipment is a demonstration of its strength.

The GPS tracking devices list Eelink can manufacture

Eelink offers Multiple types of GPS tracking devices to meet customer’s needs,including Personal tracking devicesGPS vehicle tracking devices for fleet4G GPS Tracker,magnetic GPS tracker,OBD GPS tracker,etc.

View the all products categories from Eelink

After knowing about the company's information, we can choose the devices that meets our needs according to the company's product type. In the following introduction, we will tell you how to choose the appropriate equipment type from EELINK.

Guides to choose the suitable Eelink's devices for you

Eelink has developed many IoT devices with featured functions , such as portable battery-powered GPS trackers that can be stored in backpacks, and vehicle-wired GPS trackers that specialize in tracking your corporate fleet assets.There's also a GPS tracker that monitors the location of heavy equipment on site and shipping containers at sea, and The TEMPERATURE BEACON Btt01 can monitors the temperature and humidity of your food on cold chain shipments.

Eelink's GPS tracker support all type of networks, such as 2g, 3g, 4g.customers can be customized the function based on the needs.Choose the 2G gps tracker,3G GPS tracker or 4G GPS tracker depending on the type of network your country are using.

For example, the 2G network has been eliminated in the United States, and the 3G network has gradually declined, so the 2G GPS tracker cannot be used. , 4G GPS tracker is a better choice.

All in all, what network type is supported in your area is a factor you should consider.

Some other factors you need to consider when choosing the suitable GPS tracking device include the way to install devices, the positioning modes include LBS, GPS, Wifi,the way to set up configuration commands,etc.

In order to meet your needs, we can help you solve your problem involved in professional technology. Eelink company currently has 85% of technical R&D staff. They have a high degree of education and have rich experiences in GPS tracking devices Industry.

1.If you need GPS tracking device with the easy way to install,The battery powered trackers with long battery life GPT49 is good chiose.You can have other chiose ,such as GPT12-L, GPT46 is better when you need a wireless location tracking device.

2.If you want to buy vehicle tracking sevices with OBD port, It is OK.we offer a variety of wired devices or trackers that can be plugged into the OBD port of the vehicle for power supply. This will allow your OBD GPS Tracker to provide a long-term location service for your fleet. You don't have to worry about the power.

3.When you want to track your cargo and aseet,the magnetic GPS tracker is better chiose,the device model GPT19 are available.

4.We've built some professional GPS trackers for cars that are able to manage your business assets effectively and well to increase fleet management efficiency, and eliminate the use of company vehicles as personal vehicles.If you want to track your fleet effectively, we recommend you buy the TK419, Tk319-h, TK319-L.

5.The GPS tracker manufactured by Eelink can provide you with standby mode options or tracking time setting options, you can flexibly use between the two modes, which can save power for your device.

6.Even though Eelink can provide all GPS tracking devices you need ,you should know the tracking device is actually a data logger.The real-time GPS tracker transmits location data to our GPS tracking platform, where you can view the specific location of the real-time location device in our APP, we can also receive notifications about specific activity types, and access historical data to see the location of the tracker ,which  is great for users who want to know the trajectory of their vehicle or asset movement. For users who want to simply view historical data, a GPS data logger may be the best choice. Simply insert the data into your computer to retrieve the data from the tracker to see its location.

7.If you want to protect your valued assets to prevent your luggage from being lost while traveling, GPS luggage tracker GPT15 you can choose

8. To prevent pets from losing, protect the elderly and children,you can choose the personal gps tracker list .

It is worth mentioning that we has expanded the GPS tracker devices to more functions. We can not only use it for fleet management, but you can also use it to check the temperature and humidity of your cold chain car. 

In summary, if you want to buy a tracking device, whether it is used to track your car, fleet, truck, cargo, or your pet at home, eelink's product list has the equipment you need.Check the all GPS tracking device

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