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The profile description of Eelink

Eelink is a top TOP GPS tracking device manufacturer in China.

We offers a full range of GPS tracking devices and vehicle tracking solution for customer around the world!

Eelink was incorporated in 2004.We've been delivering outstanding GPS tracking solutions.,foucs on the fleet tracking,Asset tracking,pet tracking to meet the needs of customers.

Eelink has helped more than 30,000 customers and distributors run their businesses more efficiently.

We dedicated to helping our customers succeed.Eelink has built own product line to manufacture high quality GPS tracking devices.

Eelink Communication Technology Limited

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Why choose Eelink as your GPS tracker manufacturer

We provide very affordable price with manufacturer and no hidden price.

We don't force you to use our tracking platform(unless you want),You are free to choose

We offer installation support and no hidden fees

We offer free, unlimited, customer support,after-sales service.

We can save your business significant money

With our easy-to-use system, most customers are tracking within 30 minutes

We provide quality assurance of products to make you relax

What type of GPS tracking devices Eelink offer

Eelink offers Multiple types of GPS tracking devices to meet customer’s needs,includeing:

Personal tracking devices

GPS vehicle tracking devices for fleet

4G GPS Tracker

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Eelink has developed GPS trackers with many functions and features, such as portable battery-powered GPS trackers that can be stored in backpacks, and vehicle-wired GPS trackers that specialize in tracking your corporate fleet assets.There's also a GPS tracker that monitors the location of heavy equipment on site and shipping containers at sea, and a BEACON btt01 that monitors the temperature and humidity of your food on cold chain shipments.

Eelink GPS tracker support a variety of network type, 2g, 3g, 4g.customers can be customized according to demand.Most of our tracking devices support two types of location: GPS and LBS, and some can be located based on Wifi density.

The relevant factors to consider when choosing the best GPS tracking device for your needs include how long you need to tracking, where you need to track, and how you want to retrieve the tracking data.

In order to meet your needs, we can help you solve your problem with professional technology. Eelink comoany currently has 85% of technical R&D staff. They have a high degree of education and have rich experiences in GPS tracking devices manufactured Industry

We offer battery powered trackers with long battery life, such as GPT12, GPT15.If you only need a short term location tracking service, these devices are your best chiose.

If you want long term tracking sevices, we offer a variety of wired devices or trackers that can be plugged into the OBD port of the vehicle for power supply. This will allow your OBD locator to provide a long-term location service for your fleet. You don't have to worry about the power

We've built some professional brand GPS trackers for cars that are able to manage your business assets effectively and well to increase fleet management operational efficiency, and eliminate the use of company vehicles as personal vehicles.If you want to track your fleet effectively, we recommend you buy the GOT08 TK419, Tk319-h, TK319-L.

The tracker made by eelink can provide you with standby mode options or tracking time setting options, you can flexibly use between the two modes, which can save power for your device.

Eelink is able to provide real-time GPS tracking devices and data logging devices to meet your different needs. The real-time GPS tracker transmits location data to our GPS tracking platform, where you can view the specific location of the real-time location device in our APP, we can also receive notifications about specific activity types, and access historical data to see the location of the tracker .

This option is great for users who want to know the trajectory of their vehicle or asset movement. For users who want to simply view historical data, a GPS data logger may be the best choice. Simply insert the data into your computer to retrieve the data from the tracker to see its location.

The type of GPS tracker you choose depends on your specific needs. For example, if you just need a simple mobile tracking, maybe our portable GPS tracker is right for you.

It is worth mentioning that eelink has expanded the gps tracker devices to more functions. We can not only use it for fleet management, but you can also use it to check the temperature and humidity of your cold chain transporter. In order to prevent the elderly and children, pets from losing, we also develop a series of personal gps tracker for our customers.

How do we accept positioning information?

Eelink set up a software development team to promise the APP stablity.Eelink users can download relevant apps and use our tracking platform to monitor location informations.

Eelink's APP support IOS,Android.

Eelink's APP

When we choose the GPS tracker, it is essential to consider the TRACKER positioning range.

You need to know whether the device is suitable for your country.

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